Team Peregrine

We believe that we can contribute to improving the quality of higher education. We believe we can develop values-based leaders who make a difference in our world. We lead change by leveraging a diversity of talented people across a broad spectrum of disciplines, backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. Together with our clients and partners, we believe that we can change the world.

Our Leadership

Matthew Ramey Peregrine Global Services

Matthew Ramey, MBA


Matthew Ramey, Chief Executive Officer, is a solutions-oriented leader who values collaboration, communication, and aligning organizational processes with strategic goals and shared values. Matt consistently promotes excellence and strategic transformation in the public, government, and private sectors by drawing from nearly 35 years of experience in higher education, financial operations, technology, human resources, budget management, and leadership. His breadth and depth of knowledge allow him to solve complex problems through innovative and team-based methods. 

Mr. Ramey holds three degrees, including a Master of Business Administration from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio, and is currently working on his Doctorate in Educational Leadership A.B.D. at the University of Wyoming. At Peregrine, Matt is best known by his team for his innate ability to coach and drive others to reach their greatest potential.


Laurel Vicklund

Chief Social Responsibility Officer

Through a lifetime of professional and personal worldwide experiences, Ms. Vicklund has observed the importance of developing skilled leaders who are value-based problem solvers, as well as continually improving the delivery of quality higher education to those who want to learn. As Chief Social Responsibility Officer, Ms. Vicklund supports Peregrine’s increased strategic focus on impacting local, regional, and global communities through volunteerism, philanthropy, and ethically oriented activities. Throughout her 20 years with Peregrine, Laurel has been integral to fostering international and cross-cultural relationships, providing guidance and direction, and growing this company to be where it is today. In addition, Ms. Vicklund serves the important role of President of Peregrine Global Foundation, our charitable arm, which solicits and uses donations from Peregrine Global and other donors to help fund educational opportunities around the world.

Clarice Tate Peregrine Global Services

Clarice Tate, MBA, MEd

Innovations Champion

Clarice Tate, Innovations Champion, strives always to help guide and support others in the quality to improve higher education and develop values-based leaders. Clarice has more than 20 years of combined experience in the public and private sectors, including nonprofit organizations. Through her experience, she has developed expertise in education, accreditation, business development, consulting, research, administration, and continuous quality improvement processes. Her extensive knowledge allows her to effectively identify areas for service enhancement and opportunities for new services that impact quality in higher education and enhance professional development for individuals and organizations.

Clarice holds a Master of Education from Coppin State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business. Clarice has an unparalleled enthusiasm for education, service, entrepreneurship, and innovation, and her passion is ever-present as she leads.


Kayla Vos

Vice President of Business Development

Kayla Vos believes anything is possible when you put your mind to it. As one of the first employees at Peregrine Global Services, Kayla has a wealth of organizational knowledge and a depth of experience in working with clients, partners, and teams. She takes a participatory approach to leadership, recognizing each team member as essential to the unit and ensuring they all have a voice at the table. Kayla specializes in client services and has always taken a client-first approach. She has extensive knowledge and experience in developing and successfully executing strategic plans while serving our worldwide client base. As she leads business development, marketing, strategic relationships, and client engagement, Kayla takes a personal and hands-on approach. She is determined to ensure relationships are established, problems understood, and individuals are heard.


Michael Napolitano Peregrine Global Services

Michael Napolitano

Vice President of Technology

Michael Napolitano was the first developer hired by Peregrine Global Services, and as a result, he is the person responsible for much technology behind Peregrine’s solutions today. Since 2009, Michael has built and maintained mission-critical applications, collaborated on the development of new service offerings, consulted directly with clients, and managed support tickets. With more than 20 years of experience programming small- to large-scale web applications, Michael transitioned to a position of leadership, influence, and communication in January 2023 as the Vice President of Technology. A software developer at heart, Mr. Napolitano expanded his comfort zone to better support Peregrine Global Services’ core mission and vision of impacting the higher education world and supporting fellow employees on the frontlines making that happen.

Your Thought Partners

Katalin Kovacs

Katalin Kovacs, DBA

Director of Global Development

Desiree Moore Peregrine Global Services

Desiree Moore, MH

Director of Business Development

Ashley Dillard Peregrine Global Services

Ashley Dillard

Senior Client Solutions Advisor

Becca Hurley, MBA

Client Solutions Advisor

Christina Perry, EdD

Director of Organizational Learning

Lara Miller Peregrine Global Services

Lara Miller

Director of Client Engagement

Lidia Aguilar

Client Engagement Specialist

Amber Ratcliff

Client Engagement Specialist

Jake Fitzner

Multimedia Technologist

cartoonish image of a female Peregrine Global Services

Linda Casey

Learner Engagement Specialist

Desha Matuska

Business Operations Manager

Alicia Perlenfein

Learner Engagement & Business Support Specialist

deanna edmondson Peregrine Global Services

Deanna Edmondson

Director of Finance

Michael Ann Lunberg

Financial Administrator

Austin Echols

Senior Services Manager

melissa birk Peregrine Global Services

Melissa Birk

Director of Information Technology & Compliance

marty casey Peregrine Global Services

Marty Casey

Senior Products Manager

ryan scott Peregrine Global Services

Ryan Scott

Senior Software Developer

joseph lemmon Peregrine Global Services

Joseph Lemmon

Senior Software Developer

Jayson Javier

Senior Developer

Leo Camalig

Senior Developer

Aldino Pelagio

Senior Developer

dave sutter Peregrine Global Services

Dave Sutter, P.E.

Executive Director, the Peregrine Global Foundation