Can Leadership Be Taught?

Desiree Moore  |  09|18|2023

In the winter of 1830, young Abraham Lincoln faced crippling debt, a failed business venture, and a bleak future. Most would have felt defeated by such setbacks. Yet, two...

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Igniting Inspiration: How to Inspire People

Desiree Moore  |  07|19|2023

Malala Yousafzai is an exceptional young leader whose journey is rooted in her unwavering commitment to advocating for girls’ education and her fearless fight against the Taliban’s oppressive regime...

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Assessing Critical Thinking in the Digital Era

Desiree Moore  |  07|11|2023

With the rise of AI, it’s crucial that students develop critical thinking skills. How can schools measure students’ mastery of higher-order thinking? The following article shares insights about how...

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Help Students Avoid Plagiarism and Write Well

The Peregrine Team  |  02|01|2023

Academic writing is a skill, not a talent someone is born with. Our conversations with faculty over the years have shown that most students lack formal instruction on academic...

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