Quality Customer Service Workshop

An In-Person Pathways Program - none schedule at this time

Estimated learner hours: 8-30 hours

Access time: 2 years of online content

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Good customer service costs much less than bad. When you invest in the skills needed for quality customer care, you build a loyal customer base who are eager to give you their business and spread the word. During the Quality Customer Service workshop, you will gain the tools to forge connections with customers, sustain customer relationships, manage and exceed expectations, diffuse intense situations, solve problems, and create positive conversations. Most of all, you will learn a values-based approach to customer service.

As a bonus, we are giving the participants of the Quality Customer Service workshop, 2 years of FREE access to one of our most popular online courses – Fulfilling Customer Expectations. In the course, you will learn how to apply strategies that leave your customers satisfied and happy. You will also learn how to create a workplace culture that prioritizes customer service.

The workshop includes 8 hours of instruction and the bonus online class includes 24 hours of instructional material.

Leaders Made: Practical Leadership Training

An In-Person Pathways Program

Estimated learner hours: 72 hours

Access time: 2 years

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Program Description

Leaders are made, not born. By investing in your knowledge and skills, you can be a leader who inspires. Peregrine Pathways presents a practical and interactive leadership training program to help you learn to lead. During the LEADERS MADE program, you will be immersed in leadership training with four in-person 2-day workshops (8am-5pm), online courses, a 360-degree leadership skills assessment, an MBTI® assessment, one-on-one mentoring, and workplace application activities. The workshops are taught by Peregrine’s globally-recognized leadership experts, who will bring real-world experiences to each session.

The LEADERS MADE program is appropriate for professionals at all stages in their career. Regardless of your title or role, you can be a leader.