Assessing Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills help us effectively solve problems, develop solutions, and innovate. Employers today want job candidates who can independently evaluate a situation using logical thought, offer the best solution, and make decisions. As such, higher education institutions must respond by turning out graduates with these valuable critical thinking skills. Peregrine’s Critical Thinking Assessment is a customizable, course-level assessment solution that effectively measures six sub criterion of critical thinking and all levels of learning according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.

The assessment utilizes scenarios to prompt learners to evaluate a short case to solve a problem. Learners are encouraged to skillfully analyze, assess, and reconstruct information to provide answers to a combination of multiple-choice and short-answer questions.

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Critical Thinking Flyer

The Critical Thinking Assessment flyer is a great resource for sharing this solution with colleagues.


Written by Faculty, For Faculty

Service development from content to technology was created by or completed in collaboration with faculty and school officials. The assessment test bank includes 15 scenarios per topic, all of which were written by subject matter experts.

The Test Bank 
Written by faculty for faculty – All scenarios, questions, answers, model responses, and key concepts were written by subject matter experts. The assessment test bank includes about 15 scenarios per topic. Learners receive scenarios  randomly from the test bank. Multiple-choice questions are scored automatically.

Open or Forward-Only

The Critical Thinking Assessment has the flexibility to provide your learners with an open or forward-only assessment.

  • Open: Allows learners to move back and forth in the exam and leave and return.
  • Forward-Only: Engages Peregrine’s security features, including timed questions, the inability to backtrack, and blurred text when a learner navigates from the exam screen.

Point-and-Click Interface
Peregrine provides you with an easy to navigate interface for scoring assessments, viewing student registrations and results, and downloaded exam results. Faculty or school admin can easily manage their exams and short-answer responses.

Reports and Data
Based on your user role, you can track the examinee’s progress and scores by exam, cohort, or enrollment date. You can also search for examinees by name or email. Accessing your reports from the dashboard is simple. Choose the report and exam, and click Download Excel Report.