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General Education Assessment

Objectively measuring the intended learning outcomes of your general education, liberal arts, interdisciplinary studies, and associate-level programs is vital to institutional accreditation requirements. Peregrine Global Services provides you with a customizable and flexible way to assess your learner’s retained knowledge and use results to conduct ongoing quality assurance efforts.

Our General Education Assessment provides you with a fully online assessment instrument for any undergraduate general education program. The solution provides you with comprehensive reporting and an efficient and easy to use interface for managing your learners, reports, and data.

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Data Owned By You

Because we believe you should own your assessment data, you have unlimited access to robust data, reports, and tools to conduct continuous quality improvement.

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Assurance of Learning

At Peregrine, we approach all needs and challenges in a consultative manner. That is why we have developed a series of Assurance of Learning resources to help you along your accreditation journey.


We Promise Security and Ease

Assessments are customizable, secure, and provide you with the data you need to impact your program’s quality and satisfy accreditation requirements efficiently. Look below to see what sets a Peregrine assessment apart.

Robust Reporting
Use summative reports for academic benchmarking, learning outcomes evaluation, and accreditation submissions. Also, generate a variety of reports that cover all assessment intervals. Reports include both individual student results in Excel format and summative and comparative reports in PDF, HTML, or Excel formats.

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Customizable & Flexible
Our online assessments allow you to select the topics that apply to your program’s goals and intended learning outcomes. We recommend 4-6 topics for associate level, 10-12 topics for bachelor level, and 8-10 topics for master level exams. The exam will generate ten questions per topic.

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24/7 Client Admin Access
Peregrine provides you with 24/7 access to Client Admin. The Client Admin allows you to track student progress, manage student registrations, and generate both individual and summative reports.

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Advanced Security Features
With our advanced security features, the exam does not require a proctor. Features include randomized question selection, disabled copy/paste content, timed questions, and monitored screen activity. Items are served one-at-a-time without the option to backtrack, and a student can access the exam three times within a 48-hour window.

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Our Approach

General Education Topics


Curriculum objectives and accreditor requirements form the foundation of the topics and subjects available in our assessments. The General Education Assessment allows you to select from 31 topics, and each topic comprises of 5-16 subjects.

Test bank questions for each subject are used to assess the foundational knowledge levels and retained knowledge and are aligned with the academic program’s knowledge areas. The test bank includes 100-300 questions per topic. Each exam consists of a random selection of 10 questions per topic. Therefore, we recommend 8-12 topics or 80-120 questions per exam.

All assessment items are validated and peer-reviewed. Regular psychometric analyses of the test banks ensure reliability and accuracy. Exam difficulty is relative; the service assesses retained knowledge of the students at the program level using normed instrumentation. The topics are sorted by their respective domain.

Arts and Humanities

+ Art/Music Appreciation
+ Ethics
+ Logic/Critical Thinking
+ Pop Culture, Film and Media
+ US History
+ World History/Civilizations
+ World Religions/World Cultures


+ Interpersonal Communications
+ Speech

Literature and Composition

+ American Literature/World Literature
+ English/English Composition


+ Applied Calculus/Business Calculus
+ College Algebra
+ Mathematics/Applied Mathematics
+ Statistical Concepts


+ Biology/Microbiology
+ Chemistry
+ Earth Science
+ Environmental Science
+ Microbiology
+ Science in Society
+ Scientific Process

Social and Behavioral Sciences

+ Cultural Anthropology/Sociology
+ Economics
+ General Psychology
+ Political Science
+ US Federal/American Government
+ World Civilization


+ Computer Science
+ General Software Applications
+ Technology Systems (general overview)

  • General Education Exam Summary

    This document provides a detailed listing of the topics and subjects along with example questions associated with the General Education (GEN ED) exam.

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Course & Program Integration

The Inbound-Outbound Approach

Schools can choose how often and when they will assess their students. Some higher education intuitions only test at the end of the program. In contrast, others will assess three times throughout the program. The most common practice is an Inbound-Outbound Approach. The Inbound-Outbound Approach is equivalent to a pre/post-test approach to assessment.

In this approach, students complete an inbound exam early in the program and then an outbound exam toward the end of the program. The comparison of inbound and outbound exam scores is the direct measure of learning. A detailed analysis of the exam results is used for evaluating learning outcomes.

The assessment solution is typically included within a course. The inbound exam is included as a course activity early in the academic program. Completion of the outbound exam is one of the last course activities before program completion.

The difference in Inbound and Outbound exam scores, both cumulatively and individually, is your direct measure of learning and the academic institution’s value. Program-level and course-level learning outcomes are evaluated, analyzed, and assessed using the detailed reporting provided with the service.

Learning Management System Integration

You can easily and readily integrate our assessment into any academic program and most learning management systems.

(LMS) with flexible purchase options.

Options for delivery of the exam to the students:

+ A school-specific microsite for student self-registration and password protection.

+ Technical integration with the LMS for automated registrations and grade book postings. We can integrate with commonly used LMS platforms.

  • Thought-Partner Assessment Solutions for Assurance of Learning

    This document includes additional information regarding validity and reliability, the online assessment process, and the use of Client Admin for 24/7 access to all assessment results.
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Reports That Support Quality Assurance

Overview of Reports

In-depth reporting provides a comprehensive approach to program-level assessment and assurance of learning. Reports include both individual student results in Excel format and summative and comparative reports in PDF, HTML, or Excel formats.

Summative reports are used for academic benchmarking, learning outcomes evaluation, and accreditation submissions. With the ability to look at the data at the topic and subject level, you can find potential gaps in knowledge retainment and where your institution’s students excel.

Unlimited and immediate access to the assessment data using a Client Admin site allows academic program managers and client school administrators the ability to generate a variety of reports that cover all assessment intervals. Executive summary reports are available for the Pairwise Report, Internal Analysis, and External Comparison Report.

Available Reports

+ Individual Results Report
+ Pairwise Report
+ Longitudinal Analysis Report
+ Internal Analysis Report
+ External Comparison Report
+ Program/Cohort Comparison Report
+ Response Distractor Report
+ Student Survey Report
+ Grade Scale Report
+ Aggregate Extraction Report
+ Client Schools in Aggregate Report
+ Gap Analysis Report
+ Learner Assessment Report

  • List of Reports

    The List of Reports document lists and describes all the reports available through Client Admin for both instructional modules and for programmatic assessment results.

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  • An Overview of Reports

    This overview document provides descriptions and examples of the entire selection of reports that are available with our assessment and education services. All reports and individual student data are available 24/7 with Client Admin access provided to all client universities. There are no restrictions on report and data access and no extra fees with respect to reporting and access to the data.

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  • Learner Assessment Report Quick Guide

    Your students will also receive the Learner Assessment Report. The report provides learners with an understanding of the “why” behind the exam and gives them a document they can add to their professional portfolios. The report illustrates how learners rank compared with a sample of other learners’ scores, their knowledge strengths and potential knowledge gaps as it relates to the topic areas covered by the exam, and the types of errors most common to that learner. Finally, the report demonstrates a learner’s growth in knowledge over the course of their program, where an inbound and outbound exam construct is utilized.

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Additional Resources

As your thought-partner, we want to ensure you have all the information and resources you need as you explore our solutions. Therefore, we have put together a variety of documents that you can easily share with your colleagues.

Validity & Reliability

We place a high priority on ensuring the validity and reliability of the assessment services. These practices begin at the design stage, continue through beta-testing, and have ongoing, regularly scheduled quality reviews. Download a full peer-reviewed journal article below.

Assurance of Learning

Assurance of Learning is a Peregrine Pathways publication that assists accreditation specialists, academic program managers, quality assurance officers, and faulty with assurance of learning implementation and application of Peregrine’s services for assurance of learning. The workbook will help you understand how assessment is used to evaluate higher education goals, objectives, and learning outcomes. Download the workbook below or visit our Assurance of Learning page.

Brochures & Presentations

See below for a full selection of brochures and presentations you can use to share information with peers and colleagues. Our goal is to provide your team with the best experience possible.

  • Determining Test Bank Reliability

    For specifics concerning Peregrine’s exam reliability procedures, please refer to this published peer-reviewed journal article that describes our methodology.
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  • General Education Assessment Presentation

    This document provides a detailed presentation of the assessment service and includes additional information about the service, assessed topics, accreditation relationship, exam customization, and pricing.
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  • General Education Assessment Brochure

    The brochure provides a detailed look at the test bank, reporting capabilities, and how the service can be applied towards a direct measurement of learning outcomes and programmatic evaluation.
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