Quality Customer Service Workshop

An In-Person Pathways Program - none scheduled at this time

Estimated learner hours: 8-30 hours

Access time: 2 years of online content

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Good customer service costs much less than bad. When you invest in the skills needed for quality customer care, you build a loyal customer base who are eager to give you their business and spread the word. During the Quality Customer Service workshop, you will gain the tools to forge connections with customers, sustain customer relationships, manage and exceed expectations, diffuse intense situations, solve problems, and create positive conversations. Most of all, you will learn a values-based approach to customer service.

The workshop includes 8 hours of instruction and the bonus online class includes 24 hours of instructional material.

Leading Organizations

Pathways Program

Estimated learner hours: 62 hours

Access time: 2 years

Credits: 60 SHRM PDCs | 4.0 PTSB Credits

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Leadership is about fighting through the chaos of the moment to see and understand the perspective of the situation. The essential leadership transition from individual contributor to supervisor or manager with team-level responsibilities is essential to lead organizations.
This 8-module program will help you complete this transition; to further develop you as an organizational leader, the modules include responsibilities for strategic leadership, organizational planning, governance, the workforce, customers, performance, quality, and culture.
Each module in the 8-module program is approximately 4-6 learner hours. Modules can be completed independently or in sequence. Collectively, the modules cover the key elements of the Baldrige Excellence Framework.

Brought to you by Peregrine Pathways, you will receive access to an engaging online course and a 90-minute on-demand seminar focused on application and hosted by our leadership experts.