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Pathways Programs provides you with a suite of online services that can stand alone or accompany a customized training program. Professional development is more than just a course; it requires a guide. Guided Services include:

  • EvaluSkills: Workplace Skills Assessment provides you, your employees, and leaders with 360-degree feedback. Easily identify strengths and weaknesses to create a culture of feedback and discover where growth is needed.
  • Leading Edge LearningSM  delivers to you online, self-guided courses because we know that you need flexibility. You get access to your content for 2 years, ensuring you have plenty of time to complete the course and refer back when you need a reminder or some inspiration.
  • Professional Coaching & Mentoring is for leaders at any level. Sometimes, you need a one-on-one conversation to navigate the complexities of leadership. Our coaching & mentoring services are paired with online courses or EvaluSkills so that conversations can focus on application.
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Gain access to high-quality publications, whitepapers, blogs, and downloadable resources to grow your skills and your organization.

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Peregrine Pathways leverages over 100 years of leadership experience to give you with the best professional development experience possible.

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Peregrine Global Services offers an expansive portfolio of online courses and programs that you can enroll in at anytime. Explore our large list of courses in leadership, emotional intelligence, human resource management, communications, and more.

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