Board of Directors

The Board of Directors guides Peregrine Global Services in strategic direction, ensuring corporate governance, and safeguarding stakeholders’ interests. Through their collective expertise and commitment, the board is responsible for helping steer Peregrine toward sustainable growth, ethical practices, and long-term success.

Laurel Vicklund, Chair

Laurel E. Vicklund is the President and Cofounder of Peregrine Global Services and Chair of the Peregrine Board of Directors.

Laurel is counted on to develop stakeholder relationships, work with partners across the globe, strategic plan, contribute to innovation and service development, and support market expansion. Laurel has nearly 40 years of professional experience — primarily in the energy sector.

Laurel’s leadership is deeply rooted in her values, reflecting a commitment to collaboration, innovation, and a genuine dedication to the well-being and development of her team and the broader community Peregrine serves. In addition, Laurel serves the important role of President of Peregrine Global Foundation, our charitable arm, which solicits and uses donations from Peregrine Global Services and other donors to help fund educational opportunities worldwide.

Laurel Vicklund

Dave Sutter

Dave Sutter, Director

Dave Sutter serves as a Director on the Peregrine Board of Directors and the Executive Director of the Peregrine Global Foundation.

Dave Sutter is a licensed professional engineer with degrees, licenses, and credentials from various universities and programs. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology from Purdue University, he traveled to North America while working in the energy industry. He is a retired CEO and shares his practical experiences to help groups with their professional development.

Dave has held numerous supervisory and leadership positions over his career, spanning over 40 years. His international experiences include work in Australia, Canada, Colombia, and Poland. He is passionate about growing leaders while improving educational opportunities around the world.

James (Jim) L. Edwards, Director

Jim L. Edwards serves as a Director on the Peregrine Board of Directors, bringing invaluable experience and expertise from his career in law and military service to the board.

Jim is a founding member of the law firm Stevens, Edwards, Hallock, P.C. He entered private practice after a four-year stint on active duty with the United States Army JAG Corps. Jim retired as a lieutenant colonel after serving in the Army Reserve for 19 years. Jim has built a practice founded on assisting clients in all aspects of business and commercial dealings, including estate planning, real estate transactions, and probate matters. Jim, an exceptionally experienced litigator, has tried cases in courtrooms throughout the State of Wyoming and neighboring states. Jim has been rated AV Preeminent, signifying recognition by his peers as one of America’s finest attorneys. Jim has served as a Municipal Judge for the City of Gillette, Wyoming. His vast experience and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to Peregrine’s Board of Directors, guiding our strategies and ensuring we uphold our mission with integrity.

Jim Edwards

Chris Jones

Christopher M. Jones, Director

Christopher M. Jones serves as co-manager of Borealis Consultants, LLC, and is a director of the Peregrine Board of Directors. With an expansive career spanning over 45 years in the energy and mining sectors, Chris’ journey is one of innovation, leadership, and unwavering commitment to excellence.
Chris spent more than 45 years in the energy and mining industry, working with high-performing teams in many locations and under various circumstances. With experience in mine engineering, supervision executive management, and leadership in various commodities and corporate environments, he can share the knowledge and experience gained in leadership, corporate management, and governance.
Chris was part of the first group to receive what was to become Peregrine’s leadership training. As a member of the first cohort, Chris has been an integral part of our journey for the last twenty years. His regular participation in our training programs highlights his dedication to continuous personal and professional development and the practical impact and value of Peregrine’s leadership training.

Kayla Vos, Director

Kayla Vos believes anything is possible when you put your mind to it. As one of the first employees at Peregrine Global Services, Kayla Vos, has a wealth of organizational knowledge and a depth of experience in working with clients, partners, and teams. Her journey over more than a decade, advancing through key roles such as the Vice President of Business Development and Director of Client Services, has established her as a leader who deeply values empowerment and collaboration. Under Kayla’s leadership, Peregrine has seen remarkable growth, expanding its reach to over 500 organizations globally. Kayla Vos has been a driving force behind many of Peregrine’s service features, drawing directly from her insightful client relationships and feedback. Her ability to understand and respond to client needs has enriched our service offerings and forged lasting bonds with some of our biggest clients, contributing to their status as significant partners.

Kayla Vos