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Leadership is a lot like climbing a mountain. It comes with a litany of tribulations and obstacles, but along the way, you find limitless opportunities for growth and greatness.

Peregrine Global Services is here to guide you on your journey through your career. Whether you are developing your leadership skills or trying to be the best employee possible, we can make your journey more intentional and effective.  Where do you begin search for the right coach for you?  Our team has the essential and practical leadership expertise to help you reach your full potential.

Through coaching and mentoring, Peregrine’s goal is to help you recognize blind spots, identify your strengths and leadership style, and build upon you strengths. If you are ready to deepen your self-awareness, face the challenges that need to be worked through, grow your skills and knowledge, and ultimately produce results – we at Peregrine are here for you.

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A Consultative Approach

Peregrine offers a consultative approach to providing real solutions to real challenges. We welcome you to contact us to discuss the needs of you and your organization.

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Our Approach

Through the mentorship/coaching process, your mentor will discuss with you leadership initiatives, issues, and questions you may have. We listen closely to discern the best opportunities for growth and guide you through any obstacles that may be holding you back.

Virtual Coaching and Mentoring

Geography is no longer a barrier to getting the coaching and mentoring you need to navigate your leadership journey. Meet with your leadership expert virtually from any location.

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Recognize Blind Spots and Identify Strengths

All leaders have weaknesses and areas in which they excel. Peregrine can provide various assessments, including a 360-degree evaluation, to uncover blind spots and coach our mentees to grow those skills. Also, we will help you create a leadership development action plan to sustain your growth beyond mentoring sessions.

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Client Success

Our clients report that mentorship meetings are an invaluable component of their growth and development. Many of expressed that it was the first time anyone had focused on them and their leadership development extensively. With this focus, we have been able to help leaders from all around the world find success in leadership.

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