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Pathways Programs combine innovative technology and the power of human connection to provide you with exceptional professional development opportunities. Programs include online courses and virtual seminars from real leaders in the field. Watch to see how the concepts learned in your courses apply in the real world. Also, utilizing best practices in course design, we have created quality content to help you become the type of leader you wish you had.

You get access to your Pathways Program content for 2 years, ensuring you have plenty of time to complete the program. Programs are online and self-guided because we know you need professional development that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

Earn professional certifications or credits for your professional affiliations. Peregrine is recognized by Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Wyoming Peace Officer Standards Training Board (POST), and Wyoming Professional Teachers Standards Board (PTSB) for professional development credits or hours.

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Leaders of all Types

You have a unique path, and that is why we provide you with access to programs that cater to a variety of leaders at all levels. Whether you currently serve as a team member or executive member, you will find value.

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Whether you are beginning your journey into leadership or are part way through, we will help you reach your full potential. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on Peregrine Pathways Programs as they are released.

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Real Leaders

Programs include virtual seminars from real leaders in the field. Watch to see how the concepts learned in your online courses apply to the real world. Learn more about our team and gain insight into their expertise.

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Take charge of your growth, development, and path.

Peregrine Global Services offers an expansive portfolio of online courses and programs that you can enroll in at anytime. Explore our large list of courses in leadership, emotional intelligence, human resource management, communications, and more.

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