Foster Open Dialogue in the Workplace

The Peregrine Team  |  10|29|2021

We often will hold our tongue because we want to be nice or because we want to avoid the reaction our message may evoke. However, when members of an...

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An Accreditation Committee that Works

The Peregrine Team  |  10|26|2021

At the core of every higher education institution’s mission and vision is quality. Colleges and universities worldwide understand their responsibility to provide students with programs and instruction that prepare...

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Learners into Leaders

The Peregrine Team  |  08|20|2021

As we approach the beginning of a new academic year, young people everywhere are returning to campus for the first time in a while. Professors welcome these students into...

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Which Leadership Style is Best?

The Peregrine Team  |  07|20|2021

What does it mean to be a good leader? As you ponder this question, you may find yourself reflecting on the leaders you have encountered along your path. You...

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Addressing the Soft Skills Gap Through Assessment

The Peregrine Team  |  06|22|2021

Broadly recognized is a growing need for higher education to effectively develop the soft skills learners need to succeed in a knowledge-based economy. Skills such as interpersonal skills, leadership,...

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