Teaching Strategy Through a Simulation

The Peregrine Team  |  07|19|2021

Teaching higher education learners strategy is complex as application is necessary for a full grasp of the subject matter and mastery of competencies involved in teaching strategy. One solution...

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Addressing the Soft Skills Gap Through Assessment

The Peregrine Team  |  06|22|2021

Broadly recognized is a growing need for higher education to effectively develop the soft skills learners need to succeed in a knowledge-based economy. Skills such as interpersonal skills, leadership,...

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Creating a Quality Culture in Higher Education

The Peregrine Team  |  05|20|2021

Since the dawning of the United States formalized accreditation system in 1952, accreditation has been a significant driver for education quality management of the modern academic enterprise. Once a...

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Best Practices in Programmatic Assessment

The Peregrine Team  |  04|15|2021

Assessing student learning within a program is one of the primary objectives of education. Done well, students thrive, programs become more and more innovative, and the educational institution better...

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Closing the Gap in Business Education

The Peregrine Team  |  02|23|2021

Higher education business programs have worked diligently to close the gap in business education – primarily related to non-business majors who aim to enter a graduate business program. Non-business...

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From a Sprint to a Marathon

The Peregrine Team  |  01|21|2021

In higher education, we all felt like we were thrown into a super sprint of digital transformation this year when campuses closed their doors. In a matter of a...

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Embracing Experiential Learning

Desiree Moore  |  12|07|2020

Experiential learning is an active process in which a learner develops information, values, and skills through diligent application of theory or experience. Simply put, it is learning by doing....

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The Why and How of Learning Outcomes

Desiree Moore  |  11|16|2020

Today, crafting learning goals and outcomes to ensure the quality of education in higher education is standard practice. However, it wasn’t until about 20 years ago when accreditors began...

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