Honoring Our Past and Shaping Our Future

Desiree Moore  |  02|12|2024

From Humble Beginnings to a Global Force Peregrine’s history, which began in a modest living room setting, quickly evolved into a company with a mission to change the world....

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Can Leadership Be Taught?

Desiree Moore  |  09|18|2023

In the winter of 1830, young Abraham Lincoln faced crippling debt, a failed business venture, and a bleak future. Most would have felt defeated by such setbacks. Yet, two...

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Igniting Inspiration: How to Inspire People

Desiree Moore  |  07|19|2023

Malala Yousafzai is an exceptional young leader whose journey is rooted in her unwavering commitment to advocating for girls’ education and her fearless fight against the Taliban’s oppressive regime...

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Leading Change with Heart

The Peregrine Team  |  11|01|2022

Once upon a time, employees were hired for their hands. The workforce represented skilled labor and production. As mechanization and technology advanced, people were hired for their minds, becoming...

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Which Factors Affect Employee Retention?

The Peregrine Team  |  08|03|2022

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the importance of employee retention to an organization’s success. Employees are the ones who interact with customers, develop new products, and...

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