Aldino Pelagio

Senior Developer

Aldino Pelagio, a Senior Developer, takes pride in offering his skills and expertise for the betterment of others. With 18 years of experience and expertise in conceptualizing, architecting, and implementing various web/mobile applications, Aldino is an essential part of the Peregrine team. In addition, he has vast experience working in development and engineering roles for more than a half dozen international technology companies during that span. Working out of Manila, Philippines, Aldino designs and implements Peregrine Global Services’ web applications, contributes to system architecture, technical planning, and project implementations. 

Aldino enjoys working with his team to improve services and create new services that will positively impact the lives of our clients.  When faced with a challenging problem or particularly difficult project, he draws on the notion, “It is not the computer, it is the man in front of it”.

In Aldino’s free time, he delights in playing chess. He also is quite the musician and can be found creating music with his guitar or piano. 

“There is a sense of fulfillment working in the education industry - knowing the products I help build will have an impact on students globally and mold their future.”