Michael Napolitano Peregrine Global Services

Michael Napolitano

Vice President of Technology

Michael Napolitano was the first developer hired by Peregrine Global Services, and as a result, he is the person responsible for much technology behind Peregrine’s solutions today. Since 2009, Michael has built and maintained mission-critical applications, collaborated on the development of new service offerings, consulted directly with clients, and managed support tickets. With more than 20 years of experience programming small- to large-scale web applications, Michael transitioned to a position of leadership, influence, and communication in January 2023 as the Vice President of Technology. A software developer at heart, Mr. Napolitano expanded his comfort zone to better support Peregrine Global Services’ core mission and vision of impacting the higher education world and supporting fellow employees on the frontlines making that happen.

Drawing from his experience, Michael effectively directs the software development team, assists with hands-on data modeling, UI/UX design, and programming, guides the use of core technologies and applications for all products and services, works with the team to produce project roadmaps, and writes process and standards for the software development lifecycle. As a leader, Michael is best known for keeping a positive attitude as he believes positivity creates opportunities that lead to success.

Prior to joining Peregrine, Michael served as a Software Engineer and Lead Web Developer at various companies. Michael  holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Dakota State University. 

Outside of the office, Mr. Napolitano enjoys spending time with his wife and four young children. He also loves traveling and often opts for the ocean and surfing. He satisfies his creative outlet at home through cooking, home renovations and remodeling, landscaping, and hardscaping.  

“My values align with Peregrine’s, and as such, I am charged to give 110% to the cause. I try to ensure that I am always available to assist anyone inter-departmentally to ensure their success, and thus, the success of the organization.”