Marty Casey

Marty Casey

Senior Products Manager

Marty Casey, Senior Products Manager, is a natural teacher and coach making his nearly 40 years of software development experience invaluable. He has developed and delivered solutions to millions of users during his career via businesses ranging from mom-and-pop shops to multi-million-dollar corporations. He credits his successes and growth to his many years of teaching, coaching, and mentoring during his career.  Marty is a key contributor to enterprise architecture design and rollout, leads the software development lifecycle and change management processes, and serves as a requirements analyst in the development department. 

Since joining the Peregrine team in 2015, Mary has served as the Development Project Lead on our EvaluSkills: Workplace Skills Assessment service and the Business School Resource Center. On both projects, he led the development cycle for the project using .Net Core and EF.Core. He architected and implemented backend and middleware using an in-house-developed code generation tool and was a contributor for the backend, middleware, Windows services, and scheduled services. He also supervised front-end development. Marty’s wealth of experience gives him the expertise to roll out high-end services to Peregrine Global Services’ clients. Marty finds fulfillment in learning from others and sharing his knowledge with his team so that collaboratively, we can develop great services that will impact future generations. 

Before Peregrine, Marty owned a development shop where he developed custom software products. One crowning achievement was a data collection application for beekeepers, in which he developed the Compliance Assistant product for real-time in EPA field monitoring, which received a U.S. Patent.

When Marty is not developing the technology for high-quality services, he loves to relax on the porch swing with his wife, tractor around his farm, and take drives to see the local scenery. He also enjoys playing music, writing songs, and composing music.