Leo Camalig

Senior Developer

Leo Camalig is skilled at immersing himself in a project, fully understanding the requirements and big-picture vision, and then developing the system to precise specifications. With more than 15 years of software development and engineering experience, Leo has used his unique skills and abilities to effectively design and implement Peregrine’s web application and software solutions using C#, .Net, and the JavaScript development framework ReactJS. Since joining the Peregrine team in 2020, Leo has consistently been able to identify and solve problems, enhance projects with better customer experience based on user requirements and system upgrades, and contribute to system architecture.

Leo draws from his many years of development experience to design and engineer large, complex systems that serve customers well. He appreciates using his skills in a field that benefits others. 

Leo lives by the notion, “Life is too short. so enjoy every second of it.” As evidence of his mantra, you can often find Leo emersed in one of his many hobbies including vlogging, hiking, and playing basketball. 

And, when he’s not at the office, you can find him enjoying his passions in vlogging, hiking, or playing basketball.  

“I enjoy working at Peregrine Global Services. Using my skills and learning new technologies to help our company continually better serve others in education is very rewarding.”

“Life is too short; enjoy every second of it.”