Jayson Javier

Senior Developer

Jayson Javier is a full-stack software developer with extensive experience in developing websites and Windows applications. Working out of Manila, Philippines, he has served as a Senior Developer for Peregrine Global since 2016 and is responsible for developing and maintaining our web-based services and other applications. With nearly 20 years of experience in software development, engineering, and consulting roles for large corporations across the globe, Jayson is an integral part of the Peregrine team. 

Jason is a resourceful person who gives his best on every project. He continually invests in his knowledge and development skills by learning new tools, processes, and languages. His commitment to lifelong learning helps Peregrine Global Services achieve high-quality and user-friendly programs and services.  Jayson enjoys being a part of an organization whose mission is to provide better education opportunities worldwide. Jayson thrives in a positive work environment where teammates support each other, and he feels well supported by the company. 

Outside of the office, Jayson is an avid superhero movie fan and loves Japanese anime. In addition, he enjoys shopping and trying new foods and restaurants.


“If you want something, you must become relentless for success, resourceful for what you need, and resistant to excuses.”