Cullen Smith

Cullen Smith

IT Support Tech

As an IT Support Tech, Cullen Smith leverages his technical skills, practical experience, and customer service abilities to enhance the success of the entire Peregrine team. With over five years of experience in telecommunications and access control, Cullen efficiently identifies and resolves technical issues. His patience, honesty, and reliability make him a perfect fit for his role. His inspiration to work in IT came from his interactions with other IT professionals throughout his career.

Before joining Peregrine, Cullen was a Technology Education Assistant at Pronghorn Elementary. In this role, he updated and prepared computers and iPads for students and teachers, taught technology lessons, and provided daily tech support. His hands-on experience extends to his low-voltage Technician roles at Advanced System Integrations and K2 Technologies, where he installed access control systems, pulled and terminated cables, and worked with various tech infrastructures.

Cullen holds an Associate of Science in General Studies from Gillette College and is a licensed low voltage technician in Wyoming. In his free time, he enjoys weightlifting, focusing on strength training and bodybuilding, and troubleshooting hardware and software issues on his custom-built PC.

Cullen Smith strives to lead by example and finds great satisfaction in seeing others achieve their goals. He values working at Peregrine because he feels part of something meaningful.

Cullen’s combination of technical skills, practical experience, and dedication to customer service ensures that he consistently contributes to Peregrine Global Services’ success.