Alicia Perlenfein

Learner Engagement & Business Support Specialist

Alicia Perlenfein is an expert in building relationships and resolving issues. As a Learner Engagement & Business Support Specialist, she actively works with students to solve technical problems, provide support, and ensure they have the proper resources. Alicia has an innate ability to put anyone at ease and is often the first person to offer a helping hand when a team member, client, or student is in need. She is always there to support those around her and plays a vital role in reaching organizational objectives and goals. 

Alicia has 14 years of experience working with underserved youth with complex needs. Most recently, she worked as a Crisis Intervention Specialist and was responsible for addressing behavioral and learning problems, responding to disciplinary issues, providing crisis intervention, and working closely with care teams. In this role, Alicia learned how to effectively deescalate situations, work within a team to manage cases, and successfully build relationships with youth. She reports that the most rewarding part of the work is the long-lasting relationships she was able to build with each person. She knew she made an impact when they would come back to tell her so many years later. Today, Alicia utilizes the skills she has developed to assist students and her team.

Alicia has an Associates of Social Sciences from Northeast Wyoming Community College which she has artfully applied throughout her professional journey.

When Alicia is not at work, she can be found tending her plants and garden – which speaks to her caring nature. She also very much enjoys kayaking and fishing and, in the summer months, travels throughout Wyoming to spend time on the water.