Kayla Vos

Vice President of Business Development

Kayla Vos believes anything is possible when you put your mind to it. As one of the first employees at Peregrine Global Services, Kayla has a wealth of organizational knowledge and a depth of experience in working with clients, partners, and teams. She takes a participatory approach to leadership, recognizing each team member as essential to the unit and ensuring they all have a voice at the table. Kayla consistently empowers her team to ownership of their roles and use their diverse set of talents collectively. Kayla believes that for Peregrine to be successful, she must grow and develop each team member.

When Kayla started with Peregrine Global Services in 2012, her initial role as Business Manager was a “job.” Today, Kayla that her job has become her passion. That enthusiasm her work has led her to become the Vice President of Business Development. Kayla’s leadership abilities are derived more than a decade of serving clients at Peregrine Global Services. Kayla specializes in client services and has always taken a client-first approach as she provides leadership in client engagement, partner relations, and business development. She has extensive knowledge and experience in developing and successfully executing strategic plans while serving our worldwide client base. 

As she leads business development, marketing, strategic relationships, and client engagement, Kayla takes a personal and hands-on approach. She is determined to ensure relationships are established, problems understood, and individuals are heard. She works to mentor her team by setting expectations and guiding each team member to provide the highest level of the Peregrine experience. However, Kayla prioritizes people over profits and cares deeply for Peregrine’s employees, their families, and clients. 

In addition to building her team, one of Kayla’s top priorities is growth. She says, “I’m not a salesperson. My goal is simply to build relationships, foster them, and grow both the institution and Peregrine Global.” Kayla’s greatest strength is being able to relate to and communicate effectively with people on all levels, from students to university presidents, communicating on their level and helping provide meaningful solutions. With a service-focused mindset and exceptional communication skills, Kayla has helped grow Peregrine Global Services to serve over 500 colleges and universities worldwide. 

Before coming to Peregrine, Kayla garnered extensive experience in event planning, customer service, and management. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Franklin University. With her experiences, education, and dedication to taking care of others, Kayla has been an integral part of Peregrine’s mission to impact the quality of education and develop values-based leaders. 

When Kayla is not building her team and helping Peregrine grow, she spends time with her two children and husband. Kayla and her family like to relax outdoors, whether camping in the mountains or enjoying a sunny day on the beach. Kayla is always on the go between her kids’ gymnastics, soccer, and football practices and games, and she relishes being their biggest cheerleader. Kayla and her family also enjoy traveling, and Kayla hopes to continue to enrich her family’s life as they experience new places and cultures.

“The only limits that exist are ones in your own mind.”