Kayla Vos

Chief Operating Officer

“Early in my career, I wanted to do something that allowed me to serve others, build genuine connections, and make a difference. Looking back over a decade, my journey at Peregrine has surpassed even my greatest expectations of making an impact,” says Kayla Vos.

As one of the first employees at Peregrine Global Services, Kayla Vos, Chief Operating Officer, has a wealth of organizational knowledge and a depth of experience in working with clients, partners, and teams. Her journey over more than a decade, advancing through key roles such as the Vice President of Business Development and Director of Client Services, has established her as a leader who deeply values empowerment and collaboration. She takes a participatory approach to leadership, recognizing each team member as essential to the unit and ensuring they all have a voice at the table. Her approach to organizational excellence and growth is grounded in investing in Peregrine’s employees. This philosophy has been pivotal in her rise to COO, where she now leads with a vision to continue and strengthen Peregrine’s legacy.

Under Kayla’s leadership, Peregrine has seen remarkable growth, expanding its reach to over 500 organizations globally. Her approach goes beyond mere numbers as she focuses her energy on building enduring relationships, understanding complex challenges, and finding cutting-edge solutions. Kayla Vos has been a driving force behind many of Peregrine’s service features, drawing directly from her insightful client relationships and feedback. Her ability to understand and respond to client needs has enriched our service offerings and forged lasting bonds with some of our biggest clients, contributing to their status as significant partners. Furthermore, Kayla has spearheaded numerous operational and quality initiatives within the company. Her focus on proper documentation, strategic planning, and the development of sustainable processes has enhanced our operational efficiency and service quality.

With a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Franklin University and a rich background in strategic leadership, client relations and business development, team building, operational management, and Edtech, Kayla brings a unique perspective to her role as COO. Her ability to relate to people across all levels, from students to university presidents, and her knack for fostering innovation and creativity are testaments to her exceptional leadership and communication skills.

When not immersed in her responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer, Kayla dedicates her time to her family. Kayla and her family like to relax outdoors, whether camping in the mountains or enjoying a sunny day on the beach. Kayla is always on the go between her kids’ activities and games and relishes being their biggest cheerleader.

“The only limits that exist are ones in your own mind.”