Lara Miller

Director of Client Engagement

Lara Miller, Director of Client Engagement, is a supportive leader and champion for customer service and growth. Since joining Peregrine in 2017, Lara has taken a client-centered approach to leading her team and providing support to client higher education institutions. Lara plans and implements Client Engagement plans, provides strategic direction related to client needs, manages client communications, and supervises the Client Engagement Team. Lara is best known for being the voice of Peregrine’s clients, and the team will often turn to her to make decisions that will provide the most value to clients. In addition to her leadership role, Lara provides advanced administrative and technical support to academic institutions. 

Lara has an expansive professional background within municipal government, nonprofit organizations, legal, and private sectors. Lara has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Wyoming College of Business. She leverages her experience to mentor her team and help clients reach their goals. She describes herself as detail-oriented, efficient, and organized and takes immense pride in her work at Peregrine. Lara is committed to leading the Client Engagement Team in the pursuit of exceptional service to all stakeholders with integrity, excellence, teamwork, respect, and leadership.

Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, camping, going for walks, reading, and doing crafts.

“My success is measured by the success of others, including our clients and my team members. My goal each day is to make a difference in some small way for each person I encounter.”