Christina Perry, EdD

Director of Organizational Learning

Christina Perry has an impressive set of experiences and skills that have made her an invaluable member of the Peregrine team. As the Director of Organizational Learning, Christina leads Peregrine’s Knowledge Management processes, collaborates closely with partners and clients, and is working to transform Peregrine into a learning organization. Additionally, she provides leadership training, conducts interviews with academic administrators, authors whitepapers, and develops training for new consultants. Christina leads and inspires continuous learning and believes that by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our clients and partners, we can better respond to their needs. 

Christina also works closely with potential and current clients to provide solutions. She constantly promotes continuous improvement in higher education and industry by identifying gaps in achievement and implementing technology-based services to improve performance and meet outcomes. Since 2015, Christina has worked closely with many Peregrine departments, consulting and offering support with client engagement, conducting workshops and webinars with business development, and serving as Project Portfolio Manager promoting innovation and efficiency across all of Peregrine’s offerings. 

A Wyoming native, Christina earned her Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of Wyoming, focusing on Latin American relations and studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She speaks both Spanish and French, and spent 4 years living and working in Brittany, France. More recently in her professional journey, she completed her Master of Science in Operations and Project Management at Southern New Hampshire University and her Ed.D. in Leadership and Learning in Organization through Vanderbilt University. 

In her doctoral work, Christina sought to improve outcomes for former foster youth transitioning out of state care, engaging with young women leaving group homes to better understand impediments to education and employment. As a former District Court administrator and board member for the Northeastern Wyoming Council of Community Services, she recognizes the dangers of cyclic poverty and works to improve support networks. 

In her down time, Christina likes to recharge in nature. She enjoys camping, hiking, and exploring the wilderness to help find “perspective and focus.” She loves to take in the beautiful mountains, streams, never-ending vistas that her home state of Wyoming has to offer.

“The process of learning excites me, and I love to share that with others to maximize their strengths and talents. Education is the path to growth, development, and social equity. I feel it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for everyone to learn and advance.”