Clarice Tate Peregrine Global Services

Clarice Tate, MBA, MEd

Innovations Champion

Clarice Tate’s mantra is “aspire to inspire.” As the Innovations Champion, Clarice strives always to help guide and support others in the quest to improve higher education and develop values-based leaders. Clarice has more than 20 years of combined experience in the public and private sectors, including nonprofit organizations. Through her experience, she has developed expertise in education, accreditation, business development, consulting, research, administration, and continuous quality improvement processes. Her extensive knowledge allows her to effectively identify areas for service enhancement and opportunities for new services that impact quality in higher education and enhance professional development for individuals and organizations. 

Clarice is passionate about education, service, and business (including innovation and entrepreneurship), which she describes as the three pillars on which her core beliefs stand. Throughout her career, she has chosen roles and taken on projects that allow her to explore each of these interests thoroughly. 

Clarice began higher education career as the Assistant to the Dean and Director of Special Programs and Accreditation at Coppin State University. Here, she gained in-depth knowledge of higher education — the players, what accreditors are looking for, and more importantly, the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind outcome achievement.  Clarice managed the College of Business’ specialized accreditation process and allocated and organized resources to meet accreditation. Additionally, she served as the face of the College of Business and was the campus liaison for Thurgood Marshall College Fund. 

Most notable was the magnitude of Clarice’s success and knowledge in accreditation. Clarice led Coppin State University to obtain specialized programmatic accreditation for their College of Business for the first time from ACBSP. Most extraordinary was that the initial accreditation was granted with no notes or conditions. Her success resulted in being invited to be a contributor to ACBSP impact and a regular presenter at access to accreditation.  

In 2017, Clarice brought her range of experiences, skills, and knowledge to Peregrine Global Services. A firm believer in the process of continuous improvement, Clarice sustains quality metrics to ensure constant improvement of Peregrine’s services. In her role, she reviews test metrics and provides solutions for improved quality, examines service reports to provide feedback, identifies ways to enhance existing services in coordination with the Client Services Managers, and identifies opportunities to expand services and create new ones. In addition, Clarice maintains her knowledge of accreditation to ensure that services are aligned with the accreditation needs. Clarice is best known for her strategic thinking and planning abilities, and as such, she is an invaluable member of Peregrine’s Leadership team.

Clarice holds a Master of Education from Coppin State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business.

“Aspire to inspire.”