Experiential Learning Solutions

Experiential learning produces exceptional learning outcomes, increases knowledge, develops skills, clarifies values, and develops learners’ capacity to contribute to their communities. Although experiential learning is extremely valuable, the adoption of this method of education can be difficult.

In today’s workplaces and higher education situations, simulations are an excellent way to provide experiential learning opportunities for employees and students. A simulation allows the learner to learn a new skill, practice that skill, and learn from the results.

The learning hub is OneDay, a multi-episode Interactive Learning eXperience (I-L-X) business simulation.

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Learn Business Strategy

All Experiential Learning Solutions modules include OneDay: Business Strategy Simulation. Explore the options we offer to help you develop yourself, learners, or employees.

Thought Partnership

As your thought-partner, we’ll lend our team’s expertise to create a solution that addresses your unique challenges, goals, and timeframe.

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Innovative Technology

OneDay: Business Strategy Simulation is unlike any other. The robust simulation provides a way to motivate your learners to develop critical business knowledge intrinsically.

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Embrace Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is an active process in which a learner develops information, values, and skills through diligent application of theory or experience.


Academic Leveling

Use modules to support academic leveling.

Academic leveling supports student success within business programs by providing foundational knowledge and skills in a broad range of business education topic areas. With academic leveling, you can help non-business majors or learners who need a refresher in business education.

Experiential Learning

Applications & Best Practices

With our Experiential Learning Solution, the possibilities for use and integration are vast. So, here are a few to start with.

+ Undergraduate capstone course

+ Academic leveling for graduate students

+ Experiential learning opportunity

+ Employee development

+ Executive education

+ Manager training