Assessing Critical Thinking in the Digital Age

05/14/2024 @ 11AM ET   |    Duration: 1 Hour   |   Hosted By: The Peregrine Team

Largely recognized is a growing need for higher education to effectively develop the soft skills learners need to be successful in a knowledge-based economy. Skills such as leadership, critical thinking, and adaptability are recognized as twenty-first century skills and are imperative to the health and stability of the global workforce. However, defining and measuring these personal attributes that set up a student for success are difficult, and higher education has long wrestled with how to effectively demonstrate how their soft skill development activities produce career-ready graduates.

With the sudden transition to online and hybrid delivery, measuring soft skills becomes even more difficult. In this webinar, we will discuss a digital platform, techniques, and processes used by institutions of higher education to understand the relative competence of their learners relating to soft skills to promote quality, assure standards, and ensure learners develop the critical thinking skills needed for success.