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Write & Cite®: Academic Writing Readiness

Write & Cite® provides learners with the skills and knowledge needed not only to write, format, and properly cite papers, but also to think critically to define their research problem, find credible sources, and craft theses or dissertations worthy of publication.

The 8-section module can be customized to teach APA, MLA, or CMS documentation styles along with instruction regarding proper word choices, tone, paper organization, literature-based research, and techniques to avoid plagiarism.

Write & Cite® is designed to give learners the skills needed to write, format, and properly cite academic papers and dissertations. More than just a formal requirement, proper citation is imperative to respectfully borrow and expand upon others’ ideas.

Module Length: 6 Learner Hours

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This fully online module consists of a 20-question pre-test, 8 interactive sections with quizzes, and a 50-question post-test to assess learning. Upon completion of the post-test, students will receive a completion certificate to demonstrate their competency in academic writing.

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Write & Cite®: Academic Writing Readiness covers types of academic writing, literature sources, structure, style, and plagiarism, the course includes 3 technical modules that cover either APA (7th edition), MLA, or Chicago Style documentation requirements.

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Comprehensive Reporting

You receive immediate access to all student registrations and results. This intuitive and flexible reporting system generates both individual and collective pre- and post-test results to demonstrate assurance of learning.

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Our Approach

Write & Cite® Learning Outcomes

Throughout this module, learners can expect to meet the following learning outcomes:

+ Identify the structure and formatting of academic papers following APA (American Psychological Association) style, MLA (Modern Language Association) style, or CMOS (Chicago Manual of Style) guidelines.
+ Recognize and apply appropriate methods for developing and expressing ideas.
+ Identify a research problem and choose appropriate questions to develop and assess the problem.
+ Select credible sources to address research questions and support analysis.
+ Describe plagiarism and its consequences and identify techniques for appropriately crediting the ideas of others.
+ Differentiate purpose, tone, format, and structure used in common types of academic writing.
+ Choose words that convey meaning and nuance appropriate to a paper’s purpose.
+ Enforce proper grammar and syntax through uniform verb tense, subject-verb agreement, parallel construction, and consistent phrasing.
+ Use feedback to correct errors in style, structure, and content.

  • Write & Cite®: Academic Writing Readiness Syllabus

    This document is the syllabus for the Write & Cite®: Academic Writing Readiness module. The syllabus lists the instructional topics, learning outcomes, and organization for the module.

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Real Solutions

At Peregrine, we believe in taking a solution-based approach to solving the needs of our thought-partners. The Write & Cite®: Academic Writing Readiness module supports our Academic Writing, Academic Leveling, Filling Curriculum Gaps, Career Readiness, and Workplace Skills Development Solutions.

+ Resource for writing remediation.
+ Offer within the institution’s writing center or library as a learner resource.
+ Academic leveling for learners who may not have adequate preparation for advanced studies.
+ Resource for learners who will be writing a thesis or dissertation.
+ Training for faculty who are submitting articles for publication.

  • Write & Cite®: Academic Writing Readiness Module Description

    This document provides a description of the Write & Cite®: Academic Writing Readiness module.

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