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At Peregrine, we believe that educators make exceptional leaders. They lead by example, act as mentors and coaches, communicate expectations, make others feel safe to speak up, inspire those around them, and challenge people to think. However, these skills do not always come naturally. If anything, the skills many educators and leaders need are developed over years of experience and through lessons learned.
Peregrine Pathways provides you with programs that combine innovative technology and the power of human connection. The self-guided, online courses are made up of rich content from over 100 years of combined leadership experience. In addition, each pathway includes a recorded seminar so you can see how the information learned within your online courses is applied in real-world scenarios.

The following Peregrine Pathways programs are approved by the Wyoming Professional Teachers Standards Board (WY PTSB). For educators in states other than Wyoming, please contact us for additional information.

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Educators & Leaders of all Types

You have a unique path, and that is why we provide you with access to programs that cater to a variety of leaders at all levels. Whether you are an administrator, lead teacher, program chair, or mentor, these programs are for you.

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Educators Make Exceptional Leaders

Peregrine provides you with affordable online, self-guided professional development because we know that you need flexibility. Explore the various Pathways for educators below and develop the skills needed to lead, serve, and educate.

Interactive Learning

Peregrine Pathways provides you with a robust assortment of multimedia content, including video, audio, text, activities, and quizzes to make learning more engaging. Multimedia content effectively engages learners throughout the self-guided learning process.

Online & Flexible

The self-guided, online courses are made up of rich multimedia content from over 100 years of combined leadership experience. You get access for 2 years, ensuring you have plenty of time to complete the program and soak up all the knowledge you will gain. All programs are accessible on your computer or mobile device’s web browser. That way, you can review content on the go and from nearly any location.

WY PTSB Approved

The Pathways you find on this page are approved by the Wyoming Professional Teachers Standards Board for professional development credit. Contact us to learn if our professional development opportunities qualify in your state.

Our Approach

Your Bridge to Supervision

Walk into a school, and you will find leaders. The office staff, administrators, teachers, and many others – each act as a leader everyday. Your Bridge to Supervision develops your leadership skills so you can improve effectiveness, strengthen communication, and boost morale, for you and your team. In this 12-unit program, you will learn from the experiences and lessons learned from our team of experienced mentors so you can effectively grow to make an impact.

Learner Hours: 84 | PTSB Credits: 6.0 | Access: 2 years

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Learning Outcomes

  • Leadership values and attributes.
  • The leadership style/approach to use in various situations to achieve the results you want to achieve
  • How to overcome barriers to communication.
  • How to evaluate a moral or ethical conflict and practice ethical decision-making.
  • How to evaluate organizational structure and effectiveness in broad terms.
  • The 10 keys to maximizing employee performance.
  • How to become a good mentor.
  • How to manage a safe workplace environment.
  • How to build your planning process upon organizational planning to ensure alignment.
  • Know how to provide quality customer service to your external and internal customers.
  • When and how to apply leadership to change management.
  • How to implement the quality management improvement processes with your team.

Leading Organizations

You often find that effective teachers make effective administrators. However, the transition still has its challenges as you navigate your new leadership position. The purpose of this program is to help you complete this transition and further develop you as an organizational leader. Leadership is about fighting through the chaos of the moment to see and understand the perspective of the situation. With this program you will develop your strategic perspective so that you can be an effective organizational leader.

Learner Hours: 62 | PTSB Credits: 4.0 | Access: 2 years

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Learning Outcomes

  • Perform organizational leadership activities.
  • Know corporate governance procedures.
  • Conduct strategic planning.
  • Establish and maintain a customer focus.
  • Conduct workforce engagement activities.
  • Conduct organizational performance management activities.
  • Establish and maintain an ethical culture.
  • Perform continuous quality improvement activities.
  • When and how to apply leadership to change management.
  • How to implement the quality management improvement processes with your team.

Diversity and Culture in the Global Workplace (Discovering the Power of Diversity)

We live in a complex, interconnected world where diversity, shaped by globalization and technological advance, forms the fabric of modern society. In this era of globalization, diversity in the workplace environment is quickly evolving as we gain awareness and learn. By supporting and promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace, your organization will gain benefits beyond optics. This program will teach you how to leverage the transformative power to change and contribute to a more open, diverse, and inclusive society.

Learner Hours: 29 | PTSB Credits: 2.0 | Access: 2 years

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and appreciate diversity and inclusion.
  • Recognize diversity’s positive impact on the workplace.
  • Describe workplace culture.
  • Exemplify individual and organizational values.
  • Perform cross-culture communications.
  • Contribute positively to a diverse and multicultural workplace environment.
  • Apply multicultural workplace skills.

Leading Teams through Conflict and Change

Effective team leadership means better output, happier and more inspired people, and a smoother workflow. When a team is functioning at its best, something magical happens. Everyone is focused and excited, and the synergy between people grows. However, no matter how much you try to avoid it, conflict and change are inevitable. Conflict and change are not inherently bad, as they can push us to re-examine our notions and strive to be our best. Even conflict or change that feels less-than-positive allows us to practice to become masters at conflict resolution and change management. Available for enrollment in January 2023.

Learner Hours: 14 | PTSB Credits: 1.0 | Access: 2 years

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the five dysfunctions of teams and how to address each as the team leader.
  • Identify actions used to improve team performance.
  • Describe the team problem-solving method and developing a team of trust.
  • Apply guiding principles for dealing with conflict.
  • Know how to minimize the resistance to conflict resolution.
  • Recognize the common barriers to change.
  • Lead to overcome the resistance to change.
  • Use the change survival guide for change management.
  • Know how to keep the team inspired through change.
  • Apply John Kotter’s 8-step process for effective change management.

Hiring: A Practical Guide for Hiring the Right People

You cannot build a great organization without great people. Yet, how many organizations are as rigorous about hiring or as comfortable evaluating job candidates as they are deciding on an investment proposal? Unfortunately, the all-too-common reality is that far too many companies do not invest in ensuring a well-designed and implemented hiring process. The purpose of this program is to teach people who are involved in the recruiting and selection process for their organization the knowledge and skills necessary to hire the right people for their organization.
Learner Hours: 20 | PTSB Credits: 2.0 | Access: 2 years

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Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a recruiting strategy.
  • Understand the legal environment associated with the hiring process.
  • Evaluate different tools used for candidate assessment.
  • Prepare for a candidate interview.
  • Incorporate the organization’s mission, vision, and values into the selection process.
  • Conduct a candidate interview.
  • Ask the right questions of a candidate.
  • Make a hiring selection decision.

The Continuous Quality Improvement Team

Continuous improvement benefits all organizations, including schools. It is by making incremental changes to improve operations that your school can achieve excellence. This program will help you learn how to transform your culture and use a team-based approach to continuous improvement activities. You will gain an understanding of the continuous improvement process through best practices developed across industries. In addition, you will gain access to helpful tools, learn how to employ sound team procedures, and effectively build or be a part of a continuous quality improvement team.

Learner Hours: 28 | PTSB Credits: 2.0 | Access: 2 years

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Learning Outcomes

  • Form a continuous improvement team.
  • Prioritize and problem solve.
  • Know how to conduct a root cause analysis.
  • Understand the concepts of total quality management.
  • Know and apply the seven basic tools of quality.
  • Conduct an after-action review.
  • Launch a process improvement initiative.
  • Lead a continuous improvement program.
  • Analyze and report quality management information.
  • Perform business process improvement activities.

The Perfect Voice

The Perfect Voice course is designed to help you build self-confidence in speaking to achieve the desired results. The course covers online speech therapy training. Also, you will gain an understanding how you sound to different audiences, including your friends, colleagues, and strangers. Along with understanding your voice based on audience, you will learn about your communication in situations, such as chatting at the water cooler, presenting at a meeting, leading a conference, or giving an elevator pitch.

Learner Hours: 15 | PTSB Credits: 1.0 | Access: 2 years

Contact us directly at or 307 685 1555 to enroll in a Roger Love program.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduce learners to the six areas of the Perfect Voice.
  • Introduce the Perfect Voice brand value proposition as the fuel for content marketing strategies.
  • Recognize the power of having the Perfect Voice to create an emotional connection.
  • Identify the value of creating audio/visual content.
  • Compare and evaluate content videos.
  • Reference a proven framework for developing a foundational voice perfection plan.
  • Apply new content creation and sharing technologies like video storytelling, Twitter, and Vocal Exercises.

Speaking Pro

As an educator, your voice is quite essential. The Speaking Pro course uses the Roger Love method to help you become a master presenter and influencer by creating authentic and self-confident communications. The course covers online speech training, as well as physicality and mindset. You will learn to influence and present in multiple situations to achieve your desired outcomes. Speaking Pro will set you up for success, from one-on-one communications to online meetings, podcasts, webinars, lectures, conferences, and speeches.

Learner Hours: 15 | PTSB Credits: 1.0 | Access: 2 years

Contact us directly at or 307 685 1555 to enroll in a Roger Love program.

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish how to classify types of audiences and how to adjust communication styles to be appropriate for all types of presentations.
  • Recognize the tools and physical/ visual management of stage presence for presentations.
  • Interpret preparation techniques for media interviews.
  • Examine ways to enhance on-camera performance with audio /video technical components.
  • Distinguish the use of vocal in various networking scenarios.
  • Identify the technological, physical, and mental requirements of various communication scenarios.