Assurance of Learning Course

Assurance of Learning (AoL), which is driven largely by governmental and accreditation agencies, refers primarily to using quantitative and qualitative results to demonstrate whether learners have achieved learning goals.

The many versions of AoL say the same thing: provide evidence that you are doing what you say you are doing with respect to the goals, objectives, and outcomes that you have for the learner’s educational experience. Although AoL is a focus of accreditation, AoL helps ensure that all stakeholders, including learners, are receiving a high-quality education.

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Impact the Quality of Education

Assurance of Learning is outcomes focused – student learning and capability. Assurance of Learning also helps ensure competitiveness in tightening education markets. Explore the functionality of our Assurance of Learning course below.

Interactive Learning

The course provides you with a robust assortment of multimedia content, including video, audio, text, and activities to make learning more engaging. You will enjoy the multimedia content Multimedia throughout this self-guided online course.

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Course Navigation & Features

Easy to use navigation shows what has been completed and what remains to be completed in each module. You can return to the course with unlimited access to the instructional material for up to 2 years.

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Course Extras

Gain access to additional resources including presentation slides, an AoL workbook, and a glossary of terms. With these resources at your fingertips, you can continue to impact quality of education.

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Our Approach

Assurance of Learning Course Learning Outcomes

Throughout this course, learners can expect to meet the following learning outcomes:

+ Relate the global content for Assurance of Learning and categorize the specific Assurance of Learning requirements by selected accreditation agencies.
+ Summarize the process of Assurance of Learning and express in the context of the institution and or academic program.
+ Define program learning goals in alignment with your mission, expected outcomes, and strategy.
+ Define measurable program learning objectives in alignment with program learning goals.
+ Identify direct measures to assess student learning.
+ Develop rubrics for each measure to identify evaluation criteria for determining level of mastery and/or performance expectations.
+ Collect, analyze, manage, and report assessment data.
+ Use assessment for continuous program (and institutional) improvement.
+ Evaluate the effectiveness of program modifications/evolutions implemented as a result of assessment (closing the loop).
+ Leverage the capabilities and features of Peregrine’s assessment services, courses, and program offerings for Assurance of Learning requirements.
+ Conduct leadership activities associated with Assurance of Learning.
+ Conduct leading change activities associated with Assurance of Learning.
+ Apply Assurance of Learning principles toward specific accreditation requirements.

  • ASSURANCE OF LEARNING COURSE course guide & Syllabus

    This document is the syllabus for the Assurance of Learning Course. The document lists the instructional topics, learning outcomes, and organization for the module.

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  • Assurance of Learning: Continuous Quality Improvement in Higher Education

    This Peregrine Pathways publication will assist accreditation specialists, academic program managers, quality assurance officers, and faulty with assurance of learning implementation and application of Peregrine’s services for assurance of learning. The workbook will help you understand how assessment is used to evaluate higher education goals, objectives, and learning outcomes.

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Impacting the Quality of Education

The purpose of this course is to teach the concepts, principles, and requirements associated with Assurance of Learning (AoL) to higher education officials seeking initial or reaffirmation of accreditation. The course also applies to those quality assurance managers in higher education desirous of additional information about AoL for continuous quality improvement.

The course will help faculty, quality assurance managers, academic program managers, and senior higher education officials understand and apply assurance of learning within their institution.  The course can be standalone or offered in conjunction with a workshop for the institution. The workshop could be conducted either in-person or virtually. When the online course is offered in
conjunction with a workshop, the result is a “flipped classroom module” whereby the training occurs online and then the workshop is focused on application.

Applications and Best Practices

+ Training for the team involved with the initial or reaffirmation of accreditation.

+ Training for newly appointed quality assurance officers and accreditation managers.

+ Online reference for persons involved in accreditation management and/or assurance of learning activities.

+ Training for academic program managers.

+ Training new faculty and refreshing existing faulty in assurance of learning.

AoL Topics

The course is based on Peregrine’s 2020 workbook publication Assurance of Learning: Continuous Quality Improvement in Higher Education. The workbook is organized into 22 chapters that cover the range of topics associated with AoL. For the online course, each chapter is a course module.

Additional modules have been added to the online course that are specific to leadership, change management, and the requirements of accreditation agencies.

+ Defining Assurance of Learning
+ Strategic Context for Quality Assurance
+ Understanding Assurance of Learning
+ Service Alignment with Assurance of Learning
+ Learning Goals & Outcomes
+ Measuring Learning Outcomes
+ Programmatic vs. Course-level Assessment
+ Embedded Course Assessment
+ Mapping Learning Outcomes
+ The Inbound/Mid-Point/Outbound
+ Assessment Construct
+ Assessment Management
+ Specific Assurance of Learning requirements by accreditation agency
+ References & Resources for Assurance of Learning

+ Using Peregrine’s Assessment Reports for Quality Assurance Reporting
+ An Example of Learning Outcomes Assessment
+ Integration of Educational Programs and Courses
+ Closing the Quality Loop with Accreditation Agencies
+ Academic Change Management
+ Learning Outcomes Mapping & Reporting (LOM&R) Utility
+ Leadership of Assurance of Learning
+ Leading Change within an Assurance of Learning Environment

  • Assurance of Learning Solution

    This document provides an overview of the assurance of learning solution.

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Learning Workshops

The online Assurance of Learning Course is included as a resource with our in-person assurance of learning workshops.

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