Assessing Critical Thinking in the Digital Age

05/14/2024 @ 11AM ET   |    Duration: 1 Hour   |   Hosted By: The Peregrine Team

Peregrine’s assessments have been used by schools worldwide, providing institutions with a simple and effective method for demonstrating student learning and conducting continuous improvement activities. Peregrine’s knowledge-based assessment was one of the first online, proctor-free options with advanced data and reporting capabilities. And now, Peregrine is evolving their assessments to better evaluate  learning across Bloom’s taxonomy levels.

In this webinar, we will unveil an exciting feature enhancement that allows you to measure critical thinking effectively. This development enriches Peregrine’s core offerings by employing AI and scenario-based questions that challenge learners to demonstrate their abilities to explain, evaluate, draw conclusions, defend views, and communicate. As we look toward the future, this development reaffirms our commitment to quality in education and refines the landscape of outcomes assessment.