Jake Fitzner

Multimedia Technologist

Jake Fitzner is a highly motivated and experienced Multimedia Technologist with a passion for leveraging technology to create captivating and impactful media projects. With a wealth of experience, Jake thrives in challenging environments and possesses a proven ability to assess and manage complex problems effectively. His true passion lies in nurturing the growth of others and utilizing creative content to engage and ignite their imaginations.

Jake’s career has been marked by excellence in intense and demanding environments, where he has demonstrated decisive team leadership and implemented structured approaches to achieve objectives, even under high-pressure situations. He is constantly seeking new opportunities for personal and professional growth, exemplifying his commitment to enhancing his value.

Recently, Jake acquired his FAA Part 107 drone pilot license, expanding his capabilities to capture more captivating and immersive content. This further elevates his ability to deliver exciting and engaging media experiences.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jake actively contributes to the community by serving on a district board that encompasses a three-state area. He has played a crucial role in planning major events that attract and serve hundreds of people. Jake has successfully motivated and developed leaders, fostering their growth: many of whom have gone on to achieve remarkable success. The success of these initiatives is a testament to his dedication and ability to engage and inspire audiences.

Jake’s decision-making process is guided by his commitment to the well-being and interests of the team and others, placing their needs above his own. He possesses a holistic perspective and a keen eye for the bigger picture. His approach to leadership is collaborative, ensuring that every voice is heard and respected.