Becca Hurley, MBA

Client Solutions Advisor

Becca Hurley provides exceptional customer service and a thought-partnership experience to everyone she meets. Within her role at Peregrine, Becca constantly strives to develop meaningful relationships with clients and prospective clients and deliver information and results. Becca came to Peregrine with a background in customer service, banking, and data analytics. She also is highly involved with the YES house as a mentor for teens who face significate challenges.She utilizes her specialized education and experience to help current and potential clients learn how they can leverage data to inform decision-making and continue to impact quality in education and leadership.

Becca’s glass-half-full outlook is felt by all she encounters, especially those in need of creative solutions to issues or challenges felt within their organization. Becca was drawn to Peregrine as she is passionate about higher education and leadership but has since found that what she appreciates most is the potential for personal and professional growth. She is always up for a challenge and feels that the best way to grow is to broaden her scope and stretch herself. In addition, her eagerness to learn through special projects makes her an invaluable team member and thought-partner.

Becca earned a Master of Business Administration and Data Analytics from the University of Louisiana – Shreveport. She also obtained a BS in Finance and Business Economics from the University of Wyoming. Unsurprisingly, Becca has an immense propensity for solving problems with the information derived from data analysis.

Becca describes herself as a big family person, so when she is not at work, she is likely spending time with her husband or another family member. However, if left alone, she reads as much as she can.