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Strategy and Strategic Planning

Course Description

Strategic planning involves setting goals and a detailed blueprint or course of action to achieve the goals. Strategic planning should happen at all levels of your organization, with each group contributing value to the process. In this course, you will learn strategy and its relationship with achieving goals, strategic decision-making, and how to create organizational structures to lead you, your team, and your organization to success.

This course comes from the 8-unit program, Leading Organizations. To learn more about or purchase the full program visit the Leading Organizations page.

Learner Hours: 4-6 hours | SHRM PDCs: 4

What will you learn?

  • The idea of strategy as an emergent process.
  • Strategic decision-making, challenges, and techniques for improvement.
  • The role of strategic leadership in achieving goals.
  • How to design organizational structures for achieving strategic goals.
  • A structured and systematic approach to the elements in strategic planning.

Who is this course for?

  • Managers transitioning into a senior leadership role.
  • Junior Executives building skills to lead a department or division.
  • Senior Executives striving to expand their skills and broaden their strategic analysis abilities.

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