AUPHA and Peregrine Global Services Celebrate a Significant Step Toward Impacting Quality in Healthcare Administration Education

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Washington, DC, June 13, 2022 – The Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) is pleased to announce the completion of a joint project with Peregrine Global Services. In 2018, Peregrine and AUPHA entered a formal agreement to help Peregrine ensure their Healthcare Administration Assessment aligned well with requirements set forth by AUPHA for undergraduate program certification. The project aim was to better serve AUPHA member schools by providing an external assessment solution to meet the needs of healthcare administration programs and support their curriculum content areas.

To align the assessment service, AUPHA and Peregrine collaborated to develop an advisory board of higher education professionals within healthcare administration programs. “The advisory board created in partnership with AUPHA was critical to the project’s success. The value everyone brought to the table when evaluating our healthcare test bank and the recommendations made, ultimately resulted in an exceptional and well-aligned assessment. In addition, the results of this project have influenced our internal best practices – specifically the way we manage test bank development and review across all our services,” said Clarice Tate, MBA, MEd, Vice President of Quality & Systems Assurance.

Additionally, AUPHA actively referred subject matter experts in various topics within healthcare administration to update the test bank, write new questions, and expand the test bank to include areas of study required for a competent graduate. AUPHA identified fifteen subject matter experts throughout the project who generated 3,140 new questions and modified 192 questions.

The partnership expanded the Peregrine Healthcare Administration Assessment from twenty-three topic areas to thirty-four topic areas to better align with the AUPHA requirements. The topics are organized by the domains set forth by the Health Leadership Alliance competency framework. The broader range of topics will give school officials more options to tailor their assessment more closely to their program-level learning outcomes. 

“Our partnership with AUPHA is essential to fulfilling our mission of improving quality in education,” said Olin O. Oedekoven, Ph.D., President, and CEO of Peregrine Global Services. “We believe that the certifications granted by AUPHA are a way to elevate quality, align goals with results, and promote learning through assessment. By providing an external assessment, we give members the tools they need to effectively evaluate learning, see trends over time, and understand change. This will help schools make informed decisions about program changes and enhancements.”

As Peregrine and AUPHA celebrate the success of their partnership, they also look forward to continuing their partnership into the future. “AUPHA values its partnership with Peregrine Global Services,” said Dan Gentry, PhD, MHA, President and CEO of AUPHA. “We are proud of the collaborative work we have accomplished together on the Healthcare

Management Undergraduate Program Student Exit Exam. We are grateful for Peregrine’s most recent re-commitment as a Platinum-level Corporate Partner with AUPHA.”

Peregrine Global Services aims to make a difference in the world by fostering innovation, growing and developing leaders who can solve the world’s complex problems, and improving the quality of higher education. At Peregrine, they believe they can successfully fulfill their mission by turning data into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom, and wisdom into action.

For nearly 20 years, the Peregrine team has developed and provided high-quality, comprehensive solutions for higher education, industry, and individuals. Along with more than five hundred clients of higher education institutions across the globe, Peregrine continues to impact quality in education. To learn more about how Peregrine Global services serves partners, higher education institutions, students, leaders, and professionals, visit 

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