100 Years of Peregrine – The Next Phase

A letter from Peregrine Global Services’ newly appointed CEO, Matthew J. Ramey.

To our clients, partners, and friends:

This last year at Peregrine Global Services has been one of change and transition. We lost our dear friend, leader, and founder, Dr. Olin O. Oedekoven. We want to thank our clients and partners for giving us the grace and time to grieve. While we have implemented a succession planning process over the past several years, we needed time to address our emotional loss together before moving forward.

Peregrine began approximately 20 years ago when our founder held a leadership workshop in a friend’s living room. Through the years, the company has grown and gone through various phases. The Peregrine team began serving higher education institutions 13 years ago with assessment and instructional solutions. It was another way Peregrine could make a difference in the world. As you afforded us the opportunity to grow with you, we also grew and developed our team, our support, and our services. Today, I can say with the utmost certainty that we have a solid team who will collectively lead us into this next phase of Peregrine.

I am honored to share that I have accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer here at Peregrine, effective immediately. For nearly five years, I have served and led Peregrine as the Chief Financial and Operating Officer. During this time, my passion for our work has grown. The collaboration with our clients and partners, as well as the growth of our team members, continues to drive and inspire me. As we move forward, my primary goal is to set and lead the vision of the organization based on the needs of our clients, partners, and team members.

As I transition to CEO, I can’t help but reflect on a conversation from several years ago when our team imagined what 100 years of Peregrine would look like. There was incredible energy and optimism in the room that day. I aim to harness that enthusiasm as we serve our clients and actualize our vision. At our core, Peregrine has always been a company that supports teaching and learning. In higher education, our strategy is to provide comprehensive assessment solutions to create a holistic picture of academic program performance and the tools to support continuous improvement. In regards to training and development, we will go on to expand beyond leadership by providing organizations of all types and sizes with organizational and professional development.

I am also pleased to announce that Laurel Vicklund, our cofounder, has accepted the position of Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer. Since its inception, Peregrine has been a philanthropic company. Laurel will spearhead our commitment to corporate social responsibility and provide leadership and guidance.

As we move into the future, we will continue to stay true to our foundation, and we are actively working to enhance our presence by providing solutions to not only assess and evaluate but also deliver the end-to-end continuum of teaching and learning. Developing today’s learner to become tomorrow’s contributing team member, creating value-added products and services that are designed to improve higher-order thinking, industry leadership, and professional skills. We are on a quest to establish the ideal blend of innovative technology and human connection to address your educational and training needs.

In addition to setting and leading the vision, I hope to act as an advocate for our clients. Ensuring that we continue to elevate the client experience and, even more importantly, provide services that serve as a real solution. Finally, I plan to spend much of my time fostering existing partnerships and building new ones. Because second only to our clients, our partners make the work we do possible.

Again, thank you for your ongoing support as we move into this next phase. We will continue to honor our commitment to making a difference in the world by fostering innovation, growing, and developing leaders who can solve the world’s complex problems, and improving the quality of higher education.


Matthew J. Ramey, Chief Executive Officer, Peregrine Global Services