Leading the Leaders Workshop

Learn to ignite the desire in others to lead as you have. The Leading the Leaders workshop will teach you how to grow and develop other leaders, specifically those who have high potential and course advance in their careers within the organization. The focus of this 2-day workshop is also on leading subordinates who have a supervisory role. The workshop emphasizes explicitly change leadership.

In addition to the workshop, you will receive access to Leading the Leaders and Leading Teams, Leading Edge LearningSM online courses. The courses will teach participants how to inspire others through effective mentorship and plan, build, and lead the most productive team possible.

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Your Leadership Guide

Peregrine is here to guide you or your team along the their leadership path. We combine modules with in-person and virtual workshops, one-on-one mentoring, and a 360-degree evaluation for a flexible training solution. Peregrine Global Services has provided innovative training and development programs to leaders for nearly 20 years. We would be delighted to create a plan that meets your needs.


You can readily adjust each workshop or program to incorporate any organizational-specific requirements. You also will receive a program that incorporates your organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals. Workshops are typically conducted two full days in a row. Sometimes, however, we break these up into 4-hour blocks to accommodate the availability of the participants.

professional development workshops

No Lecture

Peregrine’s workshops and programs are engaging, participatory, and impactful. We strive to engage all participants into the conversation and, with the facilitated discussions, the team will experience the desired change. Peregrine provides both in-person and virtual workshops. Reduce the cost of in-person training by going virtual while also increasing engagement.

We Promote Application

Our team-based workshops promote application of lessons learned to the participant’s workplace situation. We use film clips, training videos, and movies to help demonstrate the desirable behaviors. Individual and small group exercises are designed to reinforce the learning outcomes and show the participants how to apply the material to their specific situation.

Virtual and Online Solutions

Along with the option to provide a virtual workshop, Peregrine also has a portfolio of online, self-guided courses that can help you maximize your team’s professional development. When online courses are completed as  a workshop prerequisite, time during the workshop tends to focus more on workplace application rather than content instruction.

Our Approach

Topics & Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • Know and exemplify the Eight Universal Laws of Leadership.
  • Identify the reasons why people resist change and the techniques and strategies to overcome that resistance.
  • Know how to lead change to ensure success with the change initiative.
  • Know how to manage conflict effectively that often comes with change.
  • Be able to grow the next generation of leaders within the organization by demonstrating inspirational leadership.
  • Create a sustainable leadership development plan following your graduation from the Leadership Program.

Key Topics

  • Change and Conflict
  • Eight Universal Laws of Leadership
  • Growing the Next Generation of Leaders
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Leading Change
  • Leading for Change
  • Overcoming the Resistance to Change

Leading Edge LearningSM online courses offered in conjunction with the workshop are Leading the Leaders and Leading Teams. Download the full catalog of Leading Edge LearningSM courses available below.

  • Leading Edge Learning Catalog

    The Leading Edge Learning catalog provides you with a comprehensive view of all online courses and programs available.

Customizable and Flexible

Your training program should meet your unique needs. Peregrine provides you with several ways to customize your workshop or training program.

  • Include online courses to enrich your program and keep workshop time focused on application.
  • Most workshops can be conducted in two full days in a row. Need to break it up? No problem. You can offer the workshop in 4-hour blocks to accommodate the availability of leaders and employees.
  • Combine this workshop with others as part of a series. We recommend providing workshops every 2-3 months to allow time for practice and reflection.
  • Add EvaluSkills: Workplace Skills Assessment to collect 360-degree feedback, promote individual growth and development, and identify areas for additional training on an organizational level.
  • Include other assessments to help participants understand how their personality and strengths impact their relationships and behaviors in the workplace, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), Smalley Trent Personality Test, Enneagram, Social Styles Assessment, and Strength Finders.

Additional Topics

Need us to cover a specific topic? Peregrine has a rich library of leadership content to help you address any need. Choose from any of the topics below. Each topic is about two additional workshop hours.

+ Business Model Canvas and Appreciative Inquiry
+ Coaching
+ Communicating Non-Defensively
+ Compliance in the Workplace
+ Conflict Management
+ Continuous Quality Improvement
+ Generations in the Workplace
+ HR Fundamentals for non-HR Professionals
+ Leadership through the Stages in Team Development
+ Leading Change
+ Mentoring
+ Organizational Culture and Assessment
+ Performance Appraisals
+ Presentation Skills
+ Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination
+ Quality Customer Service

+ Safety in the Workplace
+ Strategic and Organizational Planning
+ Succession Planning
+ Supervisors Training Program (STP) from the National Contractors Association
+ Team Leadership
+ Team Rules and Team Governance
+ Teamwork
+ The Barriers to Change
+ The Code of the West – Cowboy Ethics
+ The Management Grid
+ The Step-up Supervisor
+ Time Management
+ Unity of Effort
+ Workplace Communications
+ Would I Inspire Me?
+ Would I Manage Me?
+ Would I Work for Me?

What Sets Peregrine Apart

Peregrine is your guide. We are here to ensure every individual we encounter has the knowledge and skills needed to reach their full potential. We know that the path through leadership is not always easy, but we are here to make it possible.

Peregrine facilitators focus strongly on workplace application. Application is taught through engaging discussions after watching films, videos, and short clips that demonstrate and reinforce concepts. Also, the use of films prevents the need for role-playing – keeping the training positive and comfortable.

Each participant receives a Personal Leadership Development Plan and a workbook. The Personal Leadership Development Plan allows you to document key takeaways and identify specific action items. The workbook includes all the presentation content so that you can easily take notes and refer back to what you have learned.

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Our Expertise

Each of Peregrine’s facilitators for the supervisor and manager workshops has practical experience and expertise in supervision and management. Each of us has been a supervisor and manager and know very well the challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities associated with leading teams. Get to know some of our educators below.

Olin O. Oedekoven, Ph.D.

Leveraging nearly 40 years of leadership and education experience, Dr. Olin Oedekoven develops values-based leaders and impacts the quality of education worldwide. Founder of Peregrine Global Services, Dr. Oedekoven took the company from a leadership seminar in a living room in 2003 to a globally recognized corporation serving more than 150 business & industry partners and over 500 higher education institutions. Because of his entrepreneurial spirit, he has successfully guided the Peregrine team to improve and create services, including programmatic assessment services, online instructional modules used to develop business acumen and essential soft skills, and various leadership and professional development services.

Dr. Oedekoven earned his MBA and Ph.D. in business and public administration from Northcentral University and later a post-doctoral specialization in human resource management. He also has an MSS degree in Strategic Studies from the US Army War College and an MS degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Wyoming. Olin earned his bachelor’s degree in wildlife and fisheries sciences from South Dakota State University. Dr. Oedekoven’s exceptional leadership can partly be attributed to his 33-year military career, where he served in various staff and command positions before retiring as Brigadier General. He has co-authored four books on leadership, is a Fulbright Specialist, and teaches doctoral-level courses for a university in Switzerland and masters-level courses for universities in Poland. Dr. Oedekoven is known for his hands-on approach to leadership as he desires to share his knowledge and wisdom at every level and across multiple dimensions.

Matthew Ramey, M.B.A

Matthew Ramey, Chief Financial Officer, is a solutions-oriented leader who values collaboration, communication, and aligning organizational processes with strategic goals and shared values. Matt consistently promotes excellence and strategic transformation in the public, government, and private sectors by drawing from nearly 35 years of experience in higher education, financial operations, technology, human resources, budget management, and leadership. His breadth and depth of knowledge allow him to solve complex problems through innovative and team-based methods.

Mr. Ramey holds three degrees, including a Master of Business Administration from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio, and is currently working on his Doctorate in Educational Leadership A.B.D. at the University of Wyoming. At Peregrine, Matt is best known by his team for his innate ability to coach and drive others to reach their greatest potential.