LMS Integration Guides - Canvas

The Peregrine Global Services LTI Tool can be setup in Blackboard with LTI 1.3 dynamically or manually. It is highly recommended to use dynamic registration. Depending on the version of your LMS, these instructions may be slightly different.

Dynamic Registration

  1. As the LMS Administrator, log in to Canvas and select Admin from the left navigation.
  2. Click Developer Keys from the inner left navigation.
  3. Click + Developer Key and then + LTI Key within the drop-down.

  4. Enter a “Key Name” to identify this tool (e.g., Peregrine Global Services).
  5. Enter the following URLs in the “Redirect URIs” field.
  6. Select the “Enter URL” for the Method and enter the URL provided to you by your Peregrine Global Services’ representative.

  7. Click Save
  8. For the new Key, ensure that the “State” is set to active.
  9. Under the “Details” column, copy the numeric id. This is called your “Client ID”.

  10. Select Settings from the inner left navigation, and then click the Apps tab at the top of the screen.
  11. Click the View App Configurations button.

  12. Click the + App button.

  13. For “Configuration Type”, select “By Client ID”.
  14. Enter the referenced Client ID from step 9 and click Submit.

  15. Confirm that you would like to install the App by clicking Install.

    The setup is now complete and you can now add a Peregrine Global Services’ resource as an assignment in Canvas.

Add a Peregrine Global Services’ Resource to Canvas

  1. Select Courses from the inner left navigation, and then select Assignments.
  2. Click the + Assignment button.

  3. Enter the appropriate properties for this assignment and then scroll to the “Submission Type”.
  4. Select “External Tool” as the “Submission Type” and click Find.

  5. In the External Tool configuration dialog, look for the Peregrine Global Services App you just installed.
  6. Select the App.

  7. Upon a successful Deeplink launch, you will be presented with your available resources from Peregrine Global Services. Select the desired resource you wish to integrate within your course.
  8. When selected, click INSERT ITEM.

  9. You will be returned back to the External Tool configuration dialog.
  10. Click Select.

    The integration of your Peregrine Global Services’ resource as a course assignment should now be complete.