LMS Integration Guides - BrightSpace

Integration Setup with Peregrine


  1. Logging into your BrightSpace instance as a Super Admin or role with similar permissions.
  2. Select the Admin Tools gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

      3.   A drop-down menu will appear. Select External Learning Tools.

     4.   Select New Link at the top of the page.

     5.  When the page refreshes, name your link in the title field. This title will show to the students in the course.

      6.   Copy and Paste the Peregrine URL that was provided into the URL field.

     7.  Next, add a description if desired. It is not required.

      8.  Under the Key/Secret title, select the Link Key/Secret option.

     9.   Copy and Paste the Key/Secret that was provided from Peregrine into the fields below.

     10. Scroll down the page to the Security Settings.Next, ensure that all options that are presented in the screenshot below, are selected.

     11. Locate the Make Link Available To section. Select Add Org Units.

     12. Then within the search box, search for your institution.

     13. Select the checkbox to the left of the desired institution.

     14. Next, to the right under the options column, select All Descendants (this option will make this link available in every org unit).

     15. Then, select Insert

     16.Select Save and Close

     17. Navigate to the desired org unit.

     18. Once inside of the course, navigate to the content area.

     19. Select the desired module or location. If needed, create a module.

     20. Select Existing Activities

     21.Select External Learning Tools

     22.Locate and Select your Peregrine Title. Once selected, Peregrine will be viewable in the course.