Marketing involves the design of products and services that customers will value and pricing them appropriately, making them available for purchase at easy points of access in the marketplace, and advertising the benefits.

Great marketing is based on sound, logical economic and psychological laws of human and organizational behavior.

Scientific and rigorous ways to think about marketing issues are what make companies successful. Marketing can make customers happier and companies more profitable.

This module describes core concepts such as the marketing framework, segmentation, target marketing, positioning, and marketing effectiveness.

Module Length: 5 Learner Hours

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Academic Leveling

The Marketing module is one of 16 online modules that span the entire business curriculum and serve as a bridge between undergraduate and graduate business education.


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Pre and Post Tests

This module includes a pre-test and post-test. The pre-test provides learners with an idea of their relative knowledge in the subject, and the post-test is used to ensure learners have grasped the concepts needed for success.

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Client Admin

Peregrine provides higher education professionals with Client Admin access for this module which is used to track learner progress and generate both individual and summative reports.

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Our Approach

Marketing Learning Outcomes

Throughout this module, learners can expect to meet the following learning outcomes:

+ Explain marketing and its importance for business success.
+ Describe the 5 C, STP, and 4 P frameworks.
+ Discuss segmentations and their importance to customers.
+ Identify indicators of good segmentation.
+ Define distribution/channel intensity.
+ Review the importance of research in marketing decision-making.
+ Apply marketing research tools in business situations.
+ Describe the role corporate identity plays in strategic behavior.
+ Recognize the significance of marketing metrics in strategy.

  • Marketing Syllabus

    This document is the syllabus for the Marketing module. The syllabus lists the instructional topics, learning outcomes, and organization for the module.

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Real Solutions

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+ Integrate in course on marketing.
+ Academic leveling for learners who may not have adequate preparation for advanced studies.
+ Professional development for continuing education or refresher of skills.
+ Develop skill sets of working professionals.

  • Academic Leveling Solutions – module Topics and Outcomes

    This report provides details concerning the topics, subjects, and learning outcomes for the modules used for academic leveling.

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  • Marketing Module Description

    This document provides a description of the Marketing module.

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