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Marketing Fundamentals

Course Description

In this course, you will learn the core concepts of marketing that will help set your organization apart from the competition. Great marketing is based on sound, logical economics and psychological laws of human and organizational behavior. Marketing, when well executed, will make customers happier and companies more profitable.

This course is an easy-to-follow introduction to marketing, including marketing framework, the importance of research in decision making, segmentation, target marketing, positioning, and marketing metrics to gauge effectiveness.

Learner Hours: 5 hours | SHRM PDCs: 5

What will you learn?

  • Marketing and its importance.
  • The 5 C, STP, and 4 P frameworks.
  • Distribution/channel intensity.
  • The impact of channel power on channel behavior.
  • How to apply marketing research tools in business situations.
  • The role corporate identity plays in strategic behavior.

Who is this course for?

  • Supervisors and managers who need training in marketing.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to gain foundational knowledge in marketing.
  • Marketing and sales personnel as part of employee onboarding or who need to refresh their knowledge.

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