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Organizational Behavior

Course Description

Maximize employee satisfaction and effectiveness by understanding the dynamics of organizational behavior. Organizational behavior is the study of individuals and groups within an organizational context and the internal processes and practices that influence the effectiveness of individuals, teams, and organizations.

In this course, you will learn essential organizational behavior concepts related to employee competencies, organizational design, culture, and organizational change.

Learner Hours: 5 hours | SHRM PDCs: 5

What will you learn?

  • Concepts related to interpersonal and group behavior.
  • Recognize the importance of communication in organizations.
  • The various theories and constructs of leadership.
  • The basic elements of organizational structure.
  • How to motivate your team and organization.
  • The elements of organizational culture and change.

Who is this course for?

  • Supervisors and managers who need training on the nature and dynamics of business organizations.
  • Human resources professionals as part of their professional development.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners.

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