Client Support Representative

Who We Are: Peregrine Global Services

We embrace the power of education. Our objective is to improve the quality of education in both academic institutions and through personal and professional development. We offer comprehensive and flexible solutions for education that unlock each learner’s full potential and build each client institution’s capacity to serve its stakeholders. Established in 2004, Peregrine serves more than 500 higher education institutions and 200 industry thought-partners located throughout the world.

Agile and responsive, we strive to understand the needs of individuals and organizations. The world is complex; its problems are dynamic. We offer unique perspectives to address these challenges by leveraging the diversity, experience, and expertise of our various backgrounds, cultures, and industries. With us, our clients can find practical solutions to solve today’s problems for tomorrow’s success.

We value our clients. As a Client Support Representative, you will play a vital role in supporting their goals and objectives, providing the highest level of support to meet their needs in the use of our products and services. You will collaborate with clients and students daily to resolve service-related technical issues ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of the “Peregrine Experience.”  The Client Support Representative operates as the face of Peregrine and represents our commitment to excellence as you support them in achieving their goals and desired outcomes.

A Client Support Representative should be able to interact with clients and immediately get the context of their problem. Having sound knowledge of our products and services will help you suggest a solution in a timely manner. If the issue the client is facing is beyond your immediate scope, you will learn to escalate the problem to the right internal team(s) and follow up with them regularly for updates on the progress.

Here’s a look at all the key responsibilities of a Client Support Representative:

  • Take ownership of client issues – Client Support Representatives must take ownership of the client’s problem and be the single point of contact for all enquiries related to the troubleshooting procedure, the expected resolution time, and updates on the progress made.
  • Troubleshoot problems and see them through to resolution – It’s important for a support representatives to follow a “client-first” attitude and leave no stone unturned in providing the best possible experience. Once a support ticket is assigned to them, they need to research all possible ways to troubleshoot the problem and quickly come up with a solution.
  • Escalate unresolved issues to the appropriate internal teams – Many times in client support, there are issues which are highly technical or beyond the scope of what a support rep can handle on the spot. For such cases, the support rep needs to make sure that the problem is being communicated to the right internal teams and that they take appropriate action to resolve it.
  • Collect prompt and accurate feedback from clients – The work of a support rep does not end at just resolving a client issue. They also need to follow up with the client, find out if the solution actually worked, and take note of the client’s suggestions on what can potentially improve their experience.
  • Document knowledge in the form of solution articles – The solution to every client problem provides a valuable learning experience to support reps. They should be able to document this knowledge in the form of help content or solution articles so that the same problems don’t occur in the future.

What makes a good Client Support Representative?

Support representatives have to be quick on their feet, excel in having good conversations with clients, exhibit mastery in our products and services, and have a positive outlook that isn’t put down by a bad client interaction. Here are some of the skills that every support rep on our team should possess.

Communication skills

Support representatives should be pleasant and empathetic while they’re interacting with clients. They must have great listening skills to understand what the customer really wants and should also have patience to handle conversations effectively irrespective of the client’s skill level.

Competent technical knowledge

Support rep should be well versed with our products and services and capable of coordinating higher level support with our software development team. They can use their technical know-how and internal relationships to solve complex client issues and also help new team members adapt to our support routines quickly.

Ability to multitask

As client support is one of the most important departments within our company, a support representatives must be able to multitask seamlessly between tasks like handling high priority support tickets, documenting solution articles, and preparing notes for meetings/events in a way such that their time and energy is divided optimally.

Attention to detail

Client support issues are unpredictable and therefore, need to be tackled in an organized and detail-oriented way. Support reps must try every solution themselves before suggesting it to clients, and ensure there are no lapses in communication.

Ability to honor deadlines

Being the face of our company, support representatives should be able to honor our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and ensure all assigned tickets are resolved well within the deadline. If a particular ticket is out of their scope, they must follow standard procedures to escalate it to the right team.

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Generous Benefits Package
  • 401k to prepare for your future
  • Paid holidays and flexible paid-time-off
  • Opportunity to be a part of a growing organization with a great vision
  • Travel opportunities 
  • Advancement Opportunities!