Lisa Wickland

Client Engagement Specialist

Lisa Wickland, a Client Engagement Specialist, is an expert in building relationships. Hired in 2021, Lisa exemplifies the “Peregrine experience” by showing up every day and cultivating positive relationships with clients, partner organizations, and learners. As she educates and onboards new and existing clients, she ensures that all questions are answered – serving as a trusted advisor and guiding clients to achieve their desired outcomes. In addition, her role includes managing projects, client communications, giving presentations, and serving as an expert on all of Peregrine’s services. 

Lisa draws on her many years of experience working with a broad spectrum of people within an assisted living community, medical facility, energy corporation, and construction services. Lisa Wickland has an instinct and urge to help people, which has grown into a lifelong passion. She enjoys teaching, guiding, and training others to gain knowledge to do the same. Lisa trusts in the power of education and is empowered at Peregrine to put people first. She believes that helping others in a way that will positively affect their future is of the utmost importance. Each day, Lisa strives to demonstrate empathy, patience, and the ability to remain calm under any circumstance. She adheres daily to the principle of “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

Originally hailing from Illinois, Lisa is an enthusiastic Chicago Cubs and Bears fan and loves playing sports herself. She enjoys walking and playing with her children, fishing, and working on projects with her husband. She comes from a loving family who likes to laugh, and she is always excited to spend time with her siblings. Lisa also finds joy in cooking, baking, sketching, and painting. Finally, Lisa’s team members know her by her voice. She enjoys music, and you can often hear her singing along to her favorites in the hallways at Peregrine’s headquarters.  Lisa says, “when words fail, music speaks,” 

“I have had the honor of working with and training people with various learning capabilities, personal situations, and communication barriers across various professions,” she says.

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”