Soft Skill Assessment Solutions

Soft skills, or workplace skills, are vital personal qualities that help individuals achieve success in work and life. These skills include team building, responsibility, communication, and creative thinking. Over the years, employers and higher education institutions have difficulty defining, evaluating, and developing these skills. Producing career-ready graduates who can demonstrate they have the soft skills to succeed is a priority.

Peregrine provides you with the tools to effectively and objectively measure soft skills to ensure your learners’ growth and ensure a successful transition into the workplace.

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Skills Needed for Success in Work and Life

Whether you are looking for a summative or formative assessment of soft skills, we have a solution for you. Choose a method for assessing soft skills below.

Thought Partnership

As your thought-partner, we’ll lend our team’s expertise to collaboratively create a solution that addresses your unique challenges, goals, and timeframe.

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With Quality in Mind

Peregrine’s assessments ensure you have the information and data you need to drive quality assurance and satisfy accreditor requirements. Learn more about our Assurance of Learning solutions.


Efficient and Customizable

Your time and energy are valuable. That is why our solutions are designed to be customizable and create efficiencies within your program or institution.

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Leading Edge Learning

Support soft skill development with Leading Edge Learning: Competency-Based Modules.

Assessing your learners’ soft skills provides you with an idea of where you are, but what if we provided you with the means to get where you want to be. Combine assessment with our Leading Edge Learning modules to further develop your students or employees soft skills.

Soft Skills

Applications & Best Practices

With our Soft Skill Assessment Solutions, the possibilities for use and integration are vast. So, here are a few to start with.

+ Internship evaluation

+ Pre-test/Post-test for academic program evaluation

+ Assessment of the program’s learning outcomes related to soft skills

+ Building action plans for self-development

+ Use in conjunction with a course on applied leadership

+ Supervisor and Manager 360-degree assessment

+ Organizational climate and culture evaluation

+ Pre-test/Post-test for corporate education programs

+ Assessment of critical thinking skills

+ Teach workplace skills and business strategy