Organizational Performance Management

An organization must grapple with three major choices constantly: market and customer choices – which segments and types of customers to serve and not to serve; product or service choices – what/what not to offer; and sustainability choices – how to keep winning, how to keep learning, and how to meet stakeholders’ expectations. While performance management can provide insights into all three, its usefulness is the most in achieving the third dimension—continuous adaptation, agility, and successful execution of strategies.

The competitive environment of the 21st century has three key components—complexity, ambiguity, and rapid change. Product life cycles have shrunk dramatically. Organizational mortality is at an all-time high, with lifespans in many industries being less than five years. We need holistic measures that look at organizations for what they are—dynamic systems capable of anticipating and embracing change instead of merely reacting to change. This module on organizational performance management introduces you to such holistic measures.

Module Length: 5-6 Learner Hours

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Our Approach

Organizational Performance Management Learning Outcomes

Throughout the course of this module, learners can expect to meet the following learning outcomes:

+ Understand the concepts of enterprise performance management.
+ Appreciate the different approaches to performance management, such as the Balanced Scorecard, strategy maps, activity-based costing, and customer lifetime value.
+ Apply appropriate methods to your situation or organization.
+ Measure results.
+ Learn from your results and start the journey of continuous improvement.

  • Organizational Performance Management Syllabus

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