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OneDay Strategy Simulation: An Interactive Learning Experience

This individually-played experiential learning simulation develops the professional knowledge and soft skills necessary for understanding and applying strategy. Module instruction includes a combination of assigned readings and simulation. This module aims to learn, develop, and use the professional knowledge and soft skills associated with business strategy in the workplace.

OneDay teaches learners how to make sound business decisions and develop viable business strategies. The simulation follows Emma, a new employee of an airline. Emma assesses her environment, gathers information along the way from various characters and other information sources, makes decisions, and then presents recommendations that address a strategic issue to the CEO.

OneDay is designed to engage learners in completing real-world activities. Learners can apply and demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skills needed in today’s business environment.

Module Length: 12-15 Learner Hours

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Soft Skill Assessment Solutions

OneDay Strategy Simulation helps assess and develop soft skills. Learn more about the Soft Skill Assessment Solutions we offer.


A Consultative Approach

Peregrine offers a consultative approach to providing and delivering real solutions to real challenges. We welcome you to contact us.

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Engaging and Dynamic

Leading Edge Learning: Competency-Based Modules give you easy access to engaging and dynamic content that supports key workplace competencies. Explore the features and unique capabilities of our modules below.

Interactive Learning

OneDay provides you with a robust assortment of multimedia content, including video, audio, text, activities, and quizzes to make learning more engaging. Multimedia content effectively engages learners throughout the self-guided learning process.

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Innovative Technology

OneDay Strategy Simulation provides learners with an individually played simulation unlike any other. The 7 episodes within the simulation are iterative as you must continue to develop your knowledge-base to effectively implement strategies to progress.

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Individually Played

OneDay is individually played meaning your learners can develop key workplace skills regardless of their time zone, schedule, or instruction modality.

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Our Approach

OneDay Strategy Simulation Learning Outcomes

Throughout this module, learners can expect to meet the following learning outcomes:

+ Model time management within a business setting.
+ Recognize operational opportunities and constraints.
+ Formulate strategic options and quantitative support for strategic options.
+ Conduct hypothesis testing and follow-up.
+ Conduct feasibility and implementation analysis.
+ Communicate strategy to key stakeholders.

  • OneDay Strategy Simulation Syllabus

    This document is the syllabus for the OneDay Strategy Simulation. The syllabus lists the instructional topics, learning outcomes, and organization for the module.

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  • Oneday strategy simulation Module Description

    This document provides a description of the OneDay Strategy Simulation.

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Real Solutions

At Peregrine, we believe in taking a solution-based approach to solving the needs of our thought-partners.

Higher Education

+ Use in an undergraduate course to teach business integration and strategy.
+ Use in a graduate course to teach business strategy and operations management.

Business & Industry

+ Use with new employee orientation to teach business fundamentals, key soft skills, and business strategy.
+ Teaching business strategy concepts to new entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

  • OneDay Strategy Simulation: An Interactive Learning Experience Whitepaper

    The purpose of this whitepaper is to understand how the OneDay experiential learning simulation is used to improve quality in higher education with the development of key soft skills and the formation of business strategy competency.

Great for all Types of Learners

Higher Education

+ Undergraduate students in a capstone course
+ Academic leveling for graduate students

Business, Industry, Nonprofits, & Agencies

+ Supervisors
+ Managers
+ Newly hired management personnel
+ Entrepreneurs

  • Leading Edge Learning Brochure

    The Leading Edge Learning brochure provides a brief overview of the solutions and support competencies.

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For Organizations

Pricing is based on the number of learner hours and the annual expected quantities. We’ll lend the expertise of our team to create a solution that addresses your needs.
Course Packs are Available
+ Course Pack Lite includes a combination of individual topic-based modules up to 15 learner hours.
+ Course Pack includes a combination of individual modules up to 60 learner hours.
+ Course Pack Plus is a combination of individual modules up to 135 learner hours.

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For Individuals

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