Nonprofit Board Governance

There are many types of nonprofit boards including both private nonprofit such as a local United Way Board of Directors or governmental oversite such as a local Public Library Board of Directors who are appointed by elected officials.

The board of directors determines the strategic direction of the organization, sets goals, establishes appropriate policies, and hires and supervises the entity’s executive director. The board of directors also provides budgeting and fiscal oversite and in the case of nonprofits, conducts fundraising activities.

The purpose of this module is to assist board members discharge their duties and obligations while serving on a board of directors. The focus of this module is on nonprofit and governmental boards.

Module Length: 22-25 Learner Hours

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Our Approach

Nonprofit Board Governance Learning Outcomes

Throughout the course of this module, learners can expect to meet the following learning outcomes:

+ Understand the different types of nonprofit boards.
+ Understand the roles that board members fill.
+ Demonstrate leadership while serving on a nonprofit board.
+ Know the required elements for new board member orientation.
+ Describe the role of a board member.
+ Participate in board strategic planning.
+ Identify the board’s mission, vision, and values.
+ Develop strategic goals for a nonprofit board.
+ Model ethical behaviors as a board member.
+ Understand how to build team approaches for the board of directors.
+ Conduct board evaluation.
+ Know how to be a coach, mentor, and leader within the role of a board member.
+ Understand appropriate ways for advocacy.
+ Address common problems that many nonprofit boards face.
+ Conduct an annual board evaluation.
+ Understand the unique operating considerations of faith-based boards.
+ Differentiate the board member obligations between elected and appointed agency boards.
+ Know what to do when problems occur.
+ Be able to shift from a working board member role to a governing board member role.

  • Nonprofit Board Governance Syllabus

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+ New board member orientation.
+ Staff training.
+ Board planning and decision-making.
+ Addressing board conflict and issues.

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