Filling Curriculum Gaps

Are you transitioning to online, creating a new course, or just need more or better content? Course content is best when it is engaging and relevant. Simply reading material, particularly textbooks, is not sufficient for today’s learners.
Learners do best when they can readily apply what they are learning through online interaction to cement new knowledge.

Leading Edge Learning: Competency-Based Modules give you the instructional content you need to develop knowledge so that you can spend your time teaching application.

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Online Content that Fits the Way You Teach

Pick from over 800 hours of instructional content to fill gaps and enhance the classroom experience or your training program. Choose any competency below to explore the modules.

Thought Partnership

As your thought-partner, we’ll lend our team’s expertise to create a solution that addresses your unique challenges, goals, and timeframe.

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Innovative Technology

Modules come in the form of simulations, micro-case studies, and dynamic course content. Pick and choose the solutions that will work best for you.

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Workplace Competencies

Leading Edge Learning supports the competencies most important to the success of students and employees today.


Content that Impacts Quality

Providing you with an individual, authentic learning experience.

Leading Edge Learning serves the needs of higher education, business & industry, and individuals passionate about their growth. After years of developing leaders and providing solutions to higher education professionals, we have come to learn that there is a significant need for cross-disciplinary, competency-based content. By leveraging the expertise of our partners, we can impact the quality of education. Want to learn more? We put together a tutorial that guides you through all of the possibilities.


Applications & Best Practices

With our modules, the possibilities for use and integration are vast. So, here are a few to start with.

+ Fill undergraduate curriculum gaps

+ Fill graduate curriculum gaps

+ Standalone offerings for programs

+ Supplemental learning opportunities

+ Library resources

+ Supplement in-person training programs

+ Employee development and enhancement

+ Just-in-time training needs

+ Address individual and team issues and concerns

+ Professional development

+ Executive education