Emotional Intelligence

Each day, you make decisions, and most of them are influenced in some way by your emotions. Developing a high degree of emotional intelligence within your learners, employees, or yourself, is vital to success within all types of interactions and situations, including the workplace.

With emotional intelligence, we can develop social skills, self-awareness, motivation, and self-regulation to acknowledge, comprehend, regulate, and reason using our emotions.

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is recognizing and understanding your emotions and those of others. By using emotional understanding, you can make decisions, solve problems, and communicate more effectively. Discover our emotional intelligence modules below.

Thought Partnership

As your thought-partner, we’ll lend the expertise of our team to create a solution that addresses your unique challenges, goals, and timeframe.

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Dynamic Learning Experience

Modules provide a dynamic and engaging online learning experience. You can increase the engagement of your students or employees online.

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Leadership Development

Create a comprehensive solution by pairing Emotional Intelligence modules with Leadership Development modules. Developing values-based leaders is what we do.


Meet our Creator, Daria

Founder and CEO of Selfmakers  

Peregrine has partnered with Daria Lewandowska to bring you four exceptional online emotional intelligence modules. Based out of Poland, Daria is a sociologist who specializes in Gallup’s strengths development, leadership, and talent coaching. Daria is fluent in the FRIS Model and Cultural Detective method.

Daria Lewandowska

Applications & Best Practices

With our Emotional Intelligence Solutions, the possibilities for use and integration are vast. So, here are a few to start with.

+ Train employees and teams on emotional intelligence.

+ Include in a career readiness center to help prepare students for workforce readiness.

+ Develop leadership skill and competency.        

+ Improve supervisor and manager effectiveness.

+ Improve productivity and team effectiveness.

+ Customer service training.

+ Develop more effective leaders.