Classroom-Ready News Content

You know that learners need to understand how the lessons learned in class are related or applied to the real world. Also, learners must be able to relate academic theories with their practical application in today’s global workplaces. Yet, it is often challenging to find real-world examples and illustrations for application in the classroom.

Business School Resource Center bridges the gap between business theory and practical application. The Resource Center integrates current global news into the classroom. Therefore, you can inspire students to think critically about events shaping the world today.

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Academic Leveling Solutions

Do you want to discover all we have to offer to prepare your learners for their graduate business program? Check out our Academic Leveling Solutions to learn more.


A Consultative Approach

Peregrine provides you with modules that can stand alone or be mixed & matched to support the development of competencies that ensure success in the classroom or workplace.

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Business School Resource Center

Bridge the gap between theory and application. Explore the features and unique capabilities of the resource center below.

By Faculty for Faculty

Peregrine’s Advisory Board of academic writers provides article summaries with key learning points, discussion questions, and activities for students.

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Dynamic Learning Experience

The Resource Center integrates seamlessly into your classroom through activities such as discussion posts, short papers, student presentations, student team projects, case studies, and assessment activities.

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Stay Up to Date on Business News

As part of the Business School Resource Center, faculty get exclusive access to our weekly newsletter. The newsletter includes a direct link to the Business School Resource Center with the most current article summaries. In addition, every article summary contains discussion questions, quiz questions, mini-case studies, key learning points, and recommended student activities.

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Our Approach

Topics & Disciplines

+ Accounting & Taxation

+ Business Fundamentals

+ Business Law

+ Business Strategy

+ Economics

+ Entrepreneurship

+ Finance

+ Information Technology

+ International Business

+ Marketing

+ Operation Management

+ Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management

  • Classroom-ready news Solution

    This document provides an overview of how the Business School Resource Center provides a solution for providing learners with relevant classroom-ready news.

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Applications & Best Practices

With our solution for Classroom-Ready News Content, the possibilities for use and integration are vast. So, here are a few to start with.

+ Supplements any course or program with current, applicable, discipline specific, and competency-based content.

+ Develops globally informed, career-ready graduates.

+ Enables custom quiz & exam creation based on articles and concepts being taught in class.

  • Leading Edge Learning Brochure

    The Leading Edge Learning brochure provides a brief overview of the solutions and support competencies.

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For Organizations

Pricing is based on annual expected quantities. We’ll lend the expertise of our team to create a solution that addresses your needs.

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